Valentine’s Day Hive Stock Images


I figured with Valentine’s Day coming up there might be a use for these needlework images!

I crocheted hearts in a variety of sizes and pastel colors. I photographed them in different ways in order to make multiple uses. I also added sweet tart candies as photo props.

I want to give a shout-out to @anggreklestari who told me in a recent comment:

Pastel colors always make photography result eye-catching.

She does amazing food photography if you haven’t checked out her work yet! Every time I see one of her photoshoots it really does catch my eye with all of the pretty pastel colors she uses.

I normally stick to bright and bold colors and rarely ever do pastels.

So for my Valentine’s Day share I decided not to go with bright reds and some of the other bold colors associated with this holiday.

It was nice to tone it down and do these pastel colors instead. I hope you like them ;D

Left Aligned Images Without Candy



Left Aligned Images With Candy



Usage Examples...



Feel free to use these examples as well! You can make some really nice original greeting messages for your Valentines or use these as cover photos for your posts ;D

Centered Images Without Candy






I added two hearts together on this one to get the multiple colors.

Here I made it a little smaller in order for you to have more editing options...


Usage Example...


Center Image With Candy


I hope you can use some of these for your Valentine’s Day needs!

Thank you @minismallholding for initiating this exciting and supportive community ~

All photos were taken by me with our Cannon EOS Rebel T6, copyright @crosheille

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• You may NOT use these images for purposes outside of the Hive Chain.
• You may overlay text to use as header images and modify them as needed.

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