My younger sister's husband is sick due to which I am in hospital for three days

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Hello friends how are you all? Hope you all are very well and healthy, I am also very well with your prayers and God's grace.

Today is Wednesday 29th November 2023, I was in the hospital all day today, I came to Dhaka a few days ago, my younger sister's husband is sick, he is now admitted in the hospital. A few days ago he fell ill while staying at his home. When eligible fell ill it was normal but the illness gradually increased, due to which he was admitted to the hospital. After admission to the hospital, the illness worsened.

He was admitted to Enam Medical College and Hospital in Savar area of ​​Dhaka city. After admission in the hospital my younger sister called me and she asked me to come to the hospital, I went to Madrasa that day and came to Dhaka on leave. I came to Savar from Sirajganj by bus, took a rickshaw from Savar to Enam Medical College and Hospital.

After coming to the hospital, I saw that my younger sister's husband is in the male ward, there is no room available in the hospital, after being admitted to the hospital in the morning, he got a room at three in the afternoon, I took him to the room at three in the afternoon. Various tests were conducted, the test report showed that he had dengue fever. Due to dengue fever, he has been kept under observation, the hospital is always investigating in various ways.

Today I have been in this hospital for three days, a sick person needs to be accompanied by another person all the time, I am staying here with the sick person, and there are many things that I have to do in the hospital for him. Bringing him liquid food every day, and ticketing him for tests every day. Have to come down several times a day.

Our room is on the sixth floor of the block, the lift is actually on the fifth floor, we have to go down and up through the lift several times every day, if there was no lift we had to walk down and up, because of the lift it is very easy to get down and up. Going up, sometimes there are many people in the elevator and sometimes I go down and up the elevator alone. Many thoughts come to mind when I am in the elevator.

The two pictures that I have shared with you are taken by my SAMSUNG A52 5G mobile

Thanks everyone for reading my post today.

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