Autobiography of a Jogi - Diary Blog Stardate 1

Gooday Warriors. i'm feeling a bit high, a bit like i've smoked a joint, Which i haven't. It's been a while.
i was thinking of having a glass of wine, and thought why?
But i poured one anyway.

i've so much i want (even need) to do, yet i choose to meander from one thing to another on a whim. i'm conscious of that as i'm doing it though, and choosing that option each time anyway. Like i'm choosing to have "attention deficit disorder". Does that make sense?

As i said in a comment on Hive earlier:

i have the attention span of a knat :-) reading two books, watching a movie, scrolling, reading, voting and commenting on ecency, intending to write at least two post, "doing" some yoga, chanting, eating, installing and learning about Lokinet, Session, Oxen and Lethean, an a whole lot more, and that's all today :-)

Perhaps not very efficient, yet i like the freedom!

Who am i though? :-)

i just paused a movie to begin writing this.

What is this?

Autobiography of a Jogi - Diary Blog Stardate 1

What does that mean? Well, there's a book (well known and praised in "Spiritual" circles) called Autobiography of a Yogi - by Paramahansa Yogananda. i guess i'm kind of a Yogi, not in the root sense of the word, being in complete harmony in this world, at least that's my understanding, but that i "practice" yoga. To avoid the same title i swapped the Y for a J (Jogi being a variant spelling of Yogi).

An autobiography?

This doesn't seem like an autobiography, more like a diary, or a blog. Well, i'm pretty sure i'll write about stuff that's happened in my past, when i feel it is helpful to write about it in the present, here and now. So, i guess this Autobiography of a Jogi blog i appear to be starting, will be whatever it turns out to be, but i've labelled this one as a Diary Blog Stardate 1.

i seem to have lot's of thoughts and ideas passing through my mind which i would like to share. Sometimes i catch them temporarily and think briefly what i would write, then put it on a list, whether a a note, or a draft post here, or just remembering. Yet sometimes (quite often even) i will procrastinate and put of for days, or not even write about it.

So, i thought i would try free-writing, without going into the detail necessarily of the post i was planning to write, but just sharing a little about it.

i've actually been putting off writing a reply to to this comment of @geekgirl/qzyy5d about The Matrix-8 Community governance system. I will write a post about this soon, but mentioning it here for now. Ask questions in comments if you like.

So sorry Jen @geekgirl, if you're reading this, i've not forgotten, and will get to replying properly soon. But for now, no, i was not talking about the Hive reward system, that was just a not so good example which The Matrix-8 Solution could be used for.

A better and more purposeful / humanitarian example is the opening paragraph of @matrix-8's intro and white paper post.

i quote:

HONG KONG, 8 April 2020
Headline in The South China Bugle: Successful Hong Kong Protesters Credit Steemit's [Edit: Delete Steemit, replaced by Hive]'s Matrix-8 Platform for Renaissance of Democratic Process

"Following today's unprecedented, and unannounced 17 million-strong demonstrations in 47 cities throughout Sino-Asia – Chicom Premier-for-Eternity Mou Sy-Dung has taken an awkward, but portentous step back. Unaccustomed to surprises, or to acknowledging even the slightest defeat, he has nonetheless announced a year-long moratorium on governmental responses to peaceful protests in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Tibet. It would seem that The Chinese People's Voice—as they are calling it—has been heard!"

Back to now.

Close to sunset, so i will pause & return.


So, i took three pictures while i was out in the garden watching the sun set. Well, actually i was hardly present with the sun set at all! i took the phone & Hive with me!

This is me, with my house and the barn in the background. The balcony is an addition since i bought the property two years ago.This is a #tinyhouse my friend @mountainman is crafting for me. We designed it between us. It is being built on the stone foundations of an old, now demolished chicken shed.

Okay, back to the movie i think.

It's called Passengers (2016). i'm watching it on Netflix (brainwashing platform - not good for humanity - mostly - but everything on there has subtitles, which i really need!). Anyway, i'm half-way through and liking it a lot. i cringed though when Jeff made love to Aurora (not on screen - it's 13+) as he hadn't told her what he had done. He was not in integrity. But, i'll see how it turns out, hopefully he will make good somehow.

[Edit - Addition]
The movie finished very nicely. i'm a romantic at heart. i think i'm not ready to wake up yet. Until i make the most of where i am!

A lot happened while you were asleep.
A friend once said,
"You can't get so hung up on where you'ld rather be, that you forget to make the most of where you really are".
We got lost along the way, but we found each other. And we made a life. A beautiful life. Together.

[End Edit]

Bye for now.

[Edit] Stardate 2 is now Live [end Edit]

All photos taken by me with Redmi Note 9 Pro (unless noted otherwise)

Ps. This was more or less a free-write, i just went back to add a couple of links and an extra few words in a couple of places, and to correct some spelling.

Pps. Jack Frost & Smiley came to visit me a couple of days ago!
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