Other things I can do with my phone to earn money.



Hello Naijians,

Good evening and happy Sunday.
This is my entry to the prompt of the week, which says;

Aside from blogging, what other things do you do with your phone to earn money?

This is a very interesting topic, especially in this days of #web3, when there are lots of ways one can earn from the internet space.
They may include;

  • Freelancing.
  • Making money from stock market and investment applications.
  • Dropshipng and E-commerce.
  • Teaching people online.
  • Social media management.
  • Online gambling.
  • Visual assistant roles.
  • Creating and selling contents online.
  • Making money through online survays.
  • YouTubing.

Other things I can do with my phone to earn money.

Asides blogging on hive, I also make money with my phone through other means. I will list and explain them below.

a. Staking:- Early this year, I learnt about a crypto application called Bitmama. One of it's greates features is staking. I started staking cryptos on the application, and I am glad to say that I made profit thereof. The coins I staked are USDT and Cardano (ADA).

b. Trading features on Binance:- Another way I do make money with my phone is by trading features on Binance. I belong to a group on WhatsApp, where signals and trading tips are shared to members from time to time. With these signals, we have made more profits than loses.

c. Spots betting:- Another way I make money with my phone is through betting on football games online. I check upcoming games and clubs to know their current strengths going into any game, then I will place my bet. I had won some games while I also lost some.
Many people are against this because of its addictive nature. However, I have always gambled and haven't had any issues with addiction. My advice is; if you know you can mot control self, you are greedy or if you want to make it quick, gambling is not for you.


d. Promoting my fashion business through my social media platforms:- Because am a fashion designer, I also make money by promoting my fashion business through all my social media networks. By so doing, people make choices of clothes, send measurements and money and I would make the clothes and waybill to their respective destinations. This I have sustained myself for over seven years through this.

e. Forex trading:- Some months back, I paid for a course on forex trading. I received the course and have been studying the contents. I had only traded once with the signal I got from a telegram group, fortunately for me, the trade was successful. I have not traded again, am waiting till when I conclude the courses.


There are many other ways to earn through our mobile phones. But these are the few I have benefited from. They may not be the best for everyone. You are hereby advised to choose the ones that aligns with your beliefs which you are comfortable with.

Thank you for visiting and reading through my blog.
Am grateful.

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