Will Cat Talk ?

There are many life lessons which we learn from animals. Every animal can teach you a specific thing; lion can teach you kingship, fierce behaviour and controlling nature, horse can teach you how to run in the life, little creatures like ant can tell you struggles to get food and also you can see how to follow discipline and from dog you can learn loyal behavior.
See, these examples are of just few animals. The World is filled with billions of species. There are as many lessons as many animals same as as many books as many people on the planet. You just need that curious eye to learn knowledge.
See, we can learn these things from animals only through their non-verbal acts. So what if they could speak and deliver their full meaning but still they can easily flow their emotions.

If you could speak and understand the language of a particular animal, which you love to be able to communicate with and why?

This is Bonno. No, it's not my cat. It's pet of my aunt.
Well, i know you got answer. Yeah i will explain it.
Cats are lovely creatures. Mostly boys tend to opt dogs as their pets and girls mostly go with cats. But this is not a necessary thing. Like that's not a principle of physics. There can be contradictions in opnions and likeliness.

Cat's Fight

When I see cats fighting sometimes, I always wonder what they are saying to each other while fighting.Cats often call to each other in high-pitched vocalizations and appear very angry, so I am curious to fully evaluate this cat behavior.

Happy Animal

Cats seem like very happy animals to me.Even, scientific research suggests that cats are useful for relieving depression. Honestly, I really want to keep cats but my mother doesn't allow me. My aunt has cats and whenever i go to their home i play with her cats. Sometimes they get afraid of me because i am obviously a new face to them.

Emotions and Feelings

Third reason would be to investigate their emotions and feelings. Like i want to see how they feel and think about the world of humans? There are so many questions which i will ask from them. There are animals in zoo who are in cage and i want to interview them that what kind of oppressive feelings they have? Obviously animals feel oppression and they own the feelings. From feeling of alienation to sense of love they have all these things in their emotional setup.
If i run my imagination and exaggeration to infinity then i can assume that a cat sitting with me and having a cup of coffee while the conversation is going on. Isn't this looking an exaggerated statement. If animals could speak then most of the people will prefer to have friendship with animals, because people find other find selfish and mean.

Animals and humans

I strongly think that if animals could speak and walk like humans then they will also become selfish and mean because human is so only due to it's ability to think and speak which is higher than animals.

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