The Quote That Stuck


There are lots of quotes that helps one get by in life. I have come across a lot that has helped me in different times of my life but the one that stuck was ;

You only live once...

You will never imagine as powerful this four words are and how it has made and mar some people.

I think it solely depends on how you choose to interpret it. Some take it in a positive way and some interprets it negatively.

The reason why I love this quote so much is for several reasons. One of the reasons is that It has helped me to leave my comfort zone and face any challenge before me.

It is true that it's never too late to achieve your dreams but it is also true that time waits for no man. Somethings can indeed be very late for someone to do and If you keep procrastinating believing that there will still be time without you actually making efforts towards achieving your dreams you might end up not achieving and live your life with regret.

Some people can decide to misuse the quote and use it to justify their negative behaviors. Some can go as far as spending the last money on them because "they are supposed to live life to fullest since we only live once 🙄🙄"

This has put a lot of people in trouble as some would end up taking loans or engage in criminal activities in order to survive all because they didn't plan well.

Also remember that "you only live once",so you don't get to come back from the dead and continue from where you stopped. Although this might be argued upon as some people believe in reincarnation, so "maybe" when they come back "again" they might continue from where they stopped.

Yes,"you only live once", but that doesn't mean we should take drastic decisions that would affect our lives negatively. For example, Someone can decide to use the money in his account to buy "Azul" on the account that if he/she dies, people who didn't work for the money would be the ones spending it.

But Oga/Madam, after spending your last Kobo and you didn't die nko? How would you survive before getting your next pay? Some would end up as corporate beggars and start disturbing their friends for money. The friend that is spending his own money wisely while you were lavishing yours.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying you shouldn't order "Azul" o, before you all will come for me. If you have the means to spend lavishly and still have more than enough, by all means, lavish away as long as it makes you happy.

The ellipsis I used in the quote is left for everyone to fill in as they please but whatever you choose don't forget that "you only live once" So Do It! Go For t! If not now, then when?

If I were to fill in mine, I would go with;

You only live once, so make the most of it.

Thank you all for reading.

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