My Dreem Space~` A Place Where Silence Can Be So Loud.

Life is a journey. Sometimes it's a journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.

Life is filled with ups and downs and sometimes we succumb to the weight and it pulls us under, other times we rise and lift that weight with both mind, body and soul.

There are times when we would want to be all alone, staying in our own world, staying silent for they say silence is golden but sometimes "silence can be so loud"

Sometimes we yearn for a space of our own where we can be ourselves. A world where we can dreem freely without being judged.

I see a dreem space as a place of comfort where we can be free to live and think. A place where my thoughts are my own and where my voice are "mine". A beautiful environment where I would be myself and also have loads of fun.

If I were to create my own dreem space;

I would choose a quiet place probably in a rural area, away from the noise and buzz of the city. I would choose a nature-like environment, close to the sea where I could hear the sound of waves. It would be a cozy place, most likely a hut with an air and calmness and tranquility.



Secondly, I would love to have my favorite beverage which is coffee. I would love to have a coffee tree where I can get my coffee beans and brew a fresh cup of coffee everyday.

Waking up to that amazing smell of coffee around me will help inspire me and helps keep me alert. I would look forward to waking up every morning to that cool and amazing space. I would also love to have other trees in my space where I could hear the birds chirping and the sound of their music warming and soothing my heart.

Thirdly, I would fill my dreem space with books, enough books that will last me for the duration of my vacation. Gaining more knowledge will inspire me to put my thought into words and also help me be a source of inspiration to others.

Lastly, I would want a place with unlimited supply of electricity. A life without stress is one I want In my dreem space. The importance of technology cannot be over-emphasized. It has been proven as if any proof was needed that technology indeed makes life easier. I would get simple gadgets and equipment so I wouldn't need to overwork myself in order to get things done.

We are slowly moving towards the end of the year and after working for long months,It is a good thing to go away for a long vacation as I see it as an opportunity not just to take a journey to visit my dreem space but also to take a "journey within"



So I welcome you all to my DREEM SPACE.

A space to live!

A space to breathe!

A space to DREEM!

Here is my entry to the first challenge on Dreemport titled "Dreem space"

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