Hive Naija Weekly Prompt | Edition 34 ~ My Valentines Experience


My personal Experience on valentines day.

A night before Valentine's Day, my cousin was already dreaming about what her Valentine's Day would look like. She started planning what she would wear on that day, how her make-up would look, maybe light or heavy, shoes to wear, a heel or wedge sandals. I didn't really fancy Valentine, so whatever opinion she had asked for from me didn't suit her at all.

After making a mess of the room, she finally found what to wear: a red sleeveless gown with black wedge sandals. Afterwards, she made a few phone calls, exchanging pleasantries, and then later she slept off.

Finally, the day was here. As usual, she was the first to wake up and tidy up the house, so no one will give her an excuse for not letting her go out. She had help with my chores too because she wanted me to accompany her, to which I reluctantly agreed after much persuasion.On our arrival, we gave our ticket and went inside.I picked a separate seat away from my cousin because I wanted to give her as much privacy as possible.


While my cousin was waiting for her date, I just watched her pacing around as though she were impatient. I thought of going to sit with her, but as soon as I got up, her date arrived, so I just sat back. I was a bit bored over there because everyone else was paired, and I was the only one left out.

Too bad my phone's battery was low, so I didn't have anything to keep myself busy with. I tried engaging myself with the TV program that was showing, but I was distracted by the couples that sat just behind me.It seems the husband must have gotten himself into a lot of trouble because he kept apologising to his wife several times.

The husband kept on saying, Baby, I'm sorry, and to me, it was so strange because it's Valentine's Day and you're on an outing. Why would you come out here to be saying, Baby, I'm sorry? And before I could say anything further, the wife stood up about to stomp out of the place, but unfortunately, her heels broke, so she fell to the ground, and everyone there began to laugh.

The wife got angry and sat down. Her husband again started saying sorry, and she was like, 'Pls, just let me be. Why didn't you eat the lunch I prepared? Just make sure you finish eating your lunch when we get back home. Moreso, you are to make dinner tonight'.

And I just couldn't help but laugh. As if that wasn't enough, she told her husband to pay for the embarrassment she just received. Then she looked away, but then the husband kept on saying: 'Baby, I'm sorry. I promise it won't happen again. Just look at me and say you've heard and forgiven me'. The wife looked at him, shrugged him off, and acted like she was so engrossed in her phone.

In my mind, I was like, God, I can't believe my gender could be so childish. In response to her attitude, the husband said, I promise I'll order the dress for you and book the tickets. And the wife just turned and said, Just know that you are making both breakfast and dinner for one week, and he was like, , "Okay." As if it weren't okay, she was, since you have made me come here with a headache transfer of #80,000 for painkillers.


I couldn't hold my laughter. Like, gosh, if all couples live like this, then I can't wait to get married.On the other hand, my cousin was over there having some romantic moments with her date. After awhile, she called me to join them on the table so we'd eat together, and when we were done, we headed home.

I didn't fail to tell my cousin about the scenario, and each time I remember it, I can't help but laugh.


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