Good music ended in the past

No doubt about the fact that the world has changed a lot and the things we see and do as well are changing along with it.

Gone are those days when we listened to reasonable songs and old-school hip-hop. I remember when I was in secondary school, the kind of songs we listened to at that time had become old school compared to what we listen to now.

To me, the songs we listen to then have more meaning than the ones we hear nowadays. The reason why I said so is because then, artist want to pass a message through their music, and when you hear the lyrics you will understand the message clearly.

For instance, 9ice and ASA songs if you listen to them very well, you will realize they are not just singing for people to dance, they are passing a very good message. African china is not excluded and his lyrics always draw me to his songs.

Not like nowadays, where once you have a nice beat you are good to go, someone like Portable is calling himself a musician when there is nothing to learn from his music, he sang one song like that titled "zazo" the very first time I listen to the song I was disappointed because it was pointless.

Don't get me wrong, what some people like might not be what I like because before I like any song there must be a message in it. There are still some songs that have meaning these days even though the world has changed, the artists still keep the lyrics good for people to learn.


Now my favorite artist is "Tatiana" because her song is inspiring not that I am just having fun with it. Even the so-called ASA has turned to old school musician because people no longer listen to her music like in those days, they only want to dance and have fun.

The world is not the same we get it, but what I believe is that as the music is changing, the message shouldn't change. I have this Yoruba article "Ebenezer Obey" song titled "Olowo layemo" Whenever I listen to that song I always remember my dad and his friends. When he was gone, all of them forgot about his children even his so-called family took everything from us and my mom away. Whenever I played the music, people always looked at me as if I was old school.

I am not old, I just don't like listening to anyhow music, music that can't inspire me or make me feel better after hearing it. I still have some old-school hip-hop on my playlist because they are far better than the music we listen to nowadays.

So to answer the question, I will choose the music we listened to before over the one we are listening to nowadays because today's music is just for fun nothing to learn from it.

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