Some funny incidents with interesting moments of love. Edition 34

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hello #hivenaija I hope you are spending your wonderful moments with hard work.Always respect and love your great and hard work. Wishing all the Hive families a beautiful healthy day from the hugs of my heart. God is always great. So on the occasion of this great Valentine's Day, I am going to participate in Hive Naija Weekly Prompt Edition 34. Let's enjoy our happy moments.
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Although the annual Valentine's Day month is nearing its end. But the season of love never ends. May the love for the loved ones continue to grow day by day. But now to the real point. If you don't find someone you love then this Valentine's is worthless. Valentine's Day has value for married people. Especially everyone hopes that they will leave all the work and go for a walk with their partner but the result is opposite. But on the day of love most of them are seen in this role. And many people get lost in the happiest place. But the main objective is not seen by those who were supposed to see it. Which has a bad effect on our social life. But if a married man spends little time with his partner, he cannot keep the partner happy. But he does not deserve to be a man. But in my theory I say that moments of love are truly extraordinary moments. What we have already spent and carry in our heart the intention of spending each day and the days to come. But Valentine's Day is not only for married people or lovers. Everyone has brothers, sisters, parents or relatives and friends. These days would have been richer had I not been able to retain the beauty. Many times it is seen that all kinds of love for parents and sisters. But the surprising thing is that I have destroyed its beauty and made it the love of lovers. What is not right at all is called a wrong path. But strange but true we are spoiling the beauty of Valentines. Which is nothing new. I hope you like these highlights of mine for Valentine's Day.
In the moment of love, you make something with your own hands and give it to your beloved person. What could be more joyful than that?

But in my personal experience, most of my time is off on Valentine's Day and I give enough time to my family. They are very happy and motivated. Seeing the symbol of that time of my love. Well we travel to different places to enjoy. There we get lost in some events some moments some love stories along with our family for enjoyment. By which our love is both direct and indirect. But there is no defilement which is fertile in love. Time is a very precious thing so we need to understand the appropriateness of giving proper time to our family. Happiness doesn't just happen, we need to do the right thing at the right time for the fertility of this vibrant love to be happy. As a result, the family will find peace in their hearts and will be filled with love. Waiting for the next Valentine's Day, but love does not stop. But on the occasion of Valentine's Day we organize various meals at home with family including relatives. We enjoy those moments very much. And together we all come out somewhere near that rescues our loves full. and instills love for family.


But on this day of love, there are some crazy things that many times lovers do, we have seen these crazy scenes on different social media. Which is not right at all. Lovers indulge in all these activities to despise the society for the country and nation. Although they do it with pleasure, but they should have understood, how sharp impact it will have on our country and society.


Some funny things happen on the day of love or in our direct and indirect life. Which makes our hearts happy and joyful. Also to tell me the most joyous and funny story. When we sit together in the moment of love and watch a drama on television. Then we enjoy those fun moments together and enjoy some laugh-out-loud moments. Which makes our later times more joyful. I hope you all enjoy these loving moments of mine. I am also happy and inspired to present these wonderful words to you today.

Thank you for reading my creative article blog .Stay safe,stay happy.i think if you find any mistake in writing or something. Please allow me to correct it.And find me on social media.

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