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Hello everyone, welcome to my blog once again. How was your day today, my day was fine and I hope yours was too. One of my hobby is to listening to music.


Music is a powerful tool, it has impact on our emotions and also have ability to calm an individual down, it can be use for stress relief and for relaxation. Music have been know for it's powerful effect on our overall well being, it can help to elevate our mood and state of mind.

Music is like a medicine to me whenever I'm not feel fine emotionally because of its calming effect, it always distract my mind from useless thought and shift my focus to the rhythm and the sound. There are some music that have the ability to activate a positive feeling and provide a significant source of comfort with their message.

There are different types and genres of music, we have electronics dance music, we have pop, there is R&B, we have rock and we also have hip-hop. This music have their different style and they are constantly evolving.

Every musicians have their own way of getting inspiration, some reflect the cultural while some follow the social trend. Most artist always follow the trend of the time to create their music. some are worth listening to because of the message they pass across while some are not because they have no message nor meaning.

If you listen to some music, you will know how it was generated, some artist get inspiration from their personal experience or the emotion they are feeling and such music always have a great impact on the listener. Anytime I'm listening to music, I always listen deeper to get the message it was trying to pass across.

Have you listened to this music "party no dey stop" by Adekunle gold, you will see the that the message was so clear and the music is meaningful. Music should not just to be dance to but also to be able to pass one message or the other.

Someone said good music are made in the past which is really true. Some of the music that are made today doesn't have those qualities that the music of the past have, they only focus on the beat because they see that that is what people want.

Music is not like before and artist change because of the social trend and how they will make their money and that is what the society we find ourselves today want and the artist follow the popular demand.

Sometimes, I prefer listening to an old music because they have everything I want, the beat is danceable and the message is always calming. Sometimes I listening to foreign music that suit my taste and also I have a favorite artist both locally and internationally.

I'm not against any artist or music but there are some music that I can't waste my time on because I know I won't gain anything from. The music of today are mostly following the trend and as you know we have our different preference.

Thanks for checking on my blog and have a wonderful day

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