Fashion has become a part of the human existence, daily new trends are been dished out by brands or individuals and they become a trend all over the world, ranging from clothes, hair, shoes, jewelry and so on. Thing is people misuse clothings these days all in the name of fashion, I descent dressing has become the new normal and claim to be a fashionsta. In view of this, the prompt for the #hivenaijaweekly goes thus:

2️⃣There are numerous fashion trends in the world right now—clothings, style, and designs. If there is a particular fashion concept (or more) you would like to be eliminated, what would it be and why

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The fashion trend or concept that I would like to be eliminated will be sagging and ripped jeans. My reasons been that youths have misused the opportunity of dressing decently to become gangster fashionista. One time I heard that sagging originated from the American prisons when the inmates uniforms are too big it falls below their waist. If this is true, I wonder why the young ones would emulate that, it is even worse these days. When you see some people that sag, you notice that they are so uncomfortable and struggling but they still do it. Nawa ooooooo.

The ripped Jean also called distressed Jean explains it all, it is supposed to be some Form of old and worn out Jean that should be disposed, but people have taken a liking to it and consider it fashion. Some guys or girls buy good jeans and when they get home they use scissors to put those holes themselves. Some ripped Jean are so bad that it exposes parts of the body like the butt.
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I know a young boy who we was finding it difficult to survive because his parents are farmers and cannot afford a luxurious lifestyle. Although, he learnt a job as an electrician but he is not performing well hence no jobs are coming in as such. Recently, there was a site nearby where they employed workers to do menial jobs where they will carry blocks and sand to lay the foundation and raise the building. This boy did this job, I think for like weeks. Mind you, they were paid on a daily basis, a meagre amount of #3000 (almost 4hbd). That a total if #63000 in 3weeks. We all thought at least he would make good use of the money and take care of himself, but lo and behold, I saw this boy in brand new shirt and a badly ripped Jean trouser,

Not that I am judging how a person should spend his or her money but personally, I believe that when you want to buy something you should consider the environment and the context in place. For instance, I am a guy with little money and I need a trouser right now, I won't go for the latest fashion rather I will buy something that can do more, use 1 bird to kill 2 or 3 stones. I could get a Jean trouser I will use for work, for church, go out, see friends and so on. Buying a ripped Jean is limiting and unfortunately, thats all most of these young boys have.

Everyone has an opinion about choices and there will definitely be counter opinions. But this are fashion trends or concept I will like to be eliminated.

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