Evolution of music over the last 30 years

So long we human are evolving in knowledge, culture,traditions, technology and other aspect of our lives its also the same way music have evolve over the space of time. The kind of music we listen to over time has changed especially when we talk of genre and the way of production.


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There are artist who came to fame from their rooms without ever going to the studio but having made a studio of their own in their room.
One notable thing that I can point out about the music in my country is the time duration of music
30years ago time duration for most music are 3.50 minutes and some are 4min
Examples are
Angel of my life by Paul play 4:53min
Holding out for a hero by Bonnie Tyler 5:48min
Not the girl by Darey 5:03min

And many more. This is caused because there are so many story lines in the music and repetitions which is what made them so interesting and enjoyable back then but the Gen-Z era have changed a lot about music. Music now is shot and simple which will make you want to listen to it over and over again because you haven’t enjoyed it enough.

Several notable changes include:

Technological Advancements:The advantage of digital recording and production has made or transformed how music is created. Artists now have access to a many digital sounds and instruments, allowing for more complex soundscapes and production techniques.

Genre Blurring:Many modern artists blend genres, e.g Afrobeat and many Nigerian artist are focused on. More of it are rock, pop, or hip-hop. This fusion has given rise to a wide range of subgenres and styles.

Streaming Services:The rise of streaming platforms has changed how music is distributed, apps like apple music, audiomark, boomplay, youtube and many streaming app has given artist more platform to grow their fame. Funny enough, this streaming app pay artist to have their music on their platform making it easy for the artist to make more money instead of just selling disk or attending shows.

Cultural and Social Influences: Music often reflects the social and political climate of its time. Lyrics and themes in contemporary music can be influenced by current events, social issues, and cultural movements. This is something that the millennium music did mostly. Artist like Fela, Bob marley, 2face, Timaya Micheal Jackson and many more used their music to talk more about whats going on in the world and used their music to preach change. Unlike what we have now in this current generation

Globalization: The world has become more interconnected, leading to an increase in cross-cultural influences in music. Artists draw inspiration from various traditions and collaborate across borders.

Independent Artist: Independent artists have gained more prominence thanks to digital platforms and social media. A very good example is the like of Bella Shumda and Tatiana Maosis who started of small and grew their own audience platform through digital apps. Things like this don’t happen before. Back in the days, most artist struggle just to get signed under a record label so they can get to fame on time.

The evolution of music can never be over emphasized because the music in which we praise today will eventually become old school in 10 years to come.

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