The Day I Would Love To See Again

The Day I Would Love To See Again

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Time really flies, it's just like yesterday when we celebrated the new year, everything is still very fresh in my head, I am still surprised that we are already in February and almost getting to the end.

One funny thing with life is that each day that goes by, our days on earth are also counting. Someone said, "Each day you sleep and wake up, it's a minus one of your days on earth." That's a bitter truth that all of us need to always put into remembrance, so that we will live with wisdom and caution, taking advantage of the little time we have.

Life is a mystery, it consists of both bad and good events. Life sometimes makes us smile and other times cry. All these are for our good, if life was all about happiness, if life was a bed of roses for all of us, all the time, we would be in danger of stagnation, and in the same vein, if life should be sore all the time, then we would be in danger of depression, sorrow, and pains, this in itself can hinder us from going forward, but a little from both the good and the bad will make thing balanced.

Although things seem to be very hard in the country this year, I am so happy that I was able to have some nice moments that I will always live to remember.

On the 11th of this month, I woke up feeling very bad, depressed, unmotivated, and sad. I didn't know what was wrong. All efforts made to put myself together went in vain.

Normally Sundays are boring but for this one, it was worse, after struggling with my mood for some time without result, I decided to take a walk down to a Government secondary school close by to get inspiration to write on a prompt.

I was lucky enough, I don't know how I got inspiration, but I wrote something down, and as I was just finishing, my phone rang, I almost ignored it because I didn't want to talk to anyone but I had to pick because it's one of my good friends that was calling.
He asked where I was, and I told him within my community, then he said to take a bike and meet me at MTN's office.

At first, I thought what will I do for this guy at MTN's office on a Sunday? But I snapped out of it. I told him I was wearing short trousers, let me go and change first, but he said: "No, come like that, and please be fast, it's urgent". When I heard urgent, I got a bike and in no time I was there at the office.

When I dropped from the bike I called him to avoid creating a scene because the office seemed to be locked. In a few seconds, I saw him coming out from one of the latest eateries opened in my place. I wonder why It never crossed my mind that it was the place he was inviting me to.

This guy was looking so nice, wearing good clothes, and guess what I was on, I wore short trousers, my bathroom slippers, and my favorite old packing shirt. Mom suggested I throw it away many times but I couldn't because I love it so much LOL.

Gosh, I managed to put myself together because I thought it was just him. When we got into the eatery, My friends were there, all looking sweet.

When they saw me they all started laughing, I looked to my right and left and people were everywhere, guessing, I was supposed to feel embarrassed right? but I don't know why I didn't, the whole thing became funny, so, I joined them and laughed.

I whispered you set me up to the one who called me because he was sitting beside me and he was like "We did it on purpose, we wanted to see you at my worst" LOL.

After that, I ordered what I wanted, we ate, drank to our satisfaction, spent time discussing a lot of things and my mood was lit up. They brought me there because I always talk about the place. I even suggested we visit there on Christmas but they declined. Trying to fulfill my dream so to say, they decided to get me there by surprise.

I really enjoyed that day and wished to have more of it. The way they planned everything and got me at my worst was amazing, it was as if the day was specially made for me.

They really made me feel loved. So far this year, it's one of the best memories I had with my friends. Though I begged them not to post any pictures that I was inside because I looked odd among them, Lol.

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