What A perfect Day Looks Like To Me

A perfect day can be achieved simply by eating a box of chocolate or falling in love but this depends on an individual's perspective. A perfect day to me is; doing something new and achieving all my set goals in a day. This can range from satisfying my cravings to having a good time with friends. Most often I judge how successful a day is at the end of the day, it could be rough at the start but fulfilling at the end of the day or vice versa.

I have had so many boring days recently, and this is because I keep doing the same routines. I easily get tired of doing one thing repeatedly. Often, I desire a change, something new to add up to my daily routines. A perfect day definitely doesn't rely on routines, it's easier for people to get pissed up with one same thing if done on a daily basis. So first, a perfect day involves a new activity, it could be sport, going out for an exercise, trying out a new food or dance, making a new friend, etc. It could be anything as long as it's new.

I still remember how I felt the first time I went out for a party. All those while I've been the indoor type, I rarely go out except if I had something formal to attend to. I decided to try something new by going out of my shell to socialize. I came back that night feeling happy that I was able to go out and have some fun, I wanted to do that again. It felt differently and nice at the same time and I almost saw myself giving up my introverted nature.

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Lukas Graham's Dad was never wrong in the music "7 years " when he advised Lukas to make Friends before he turned 16 else he'll be lonely. Friends play a vital part in making a perfect day. So many times I've laughed when I am with them, and so many times we've had conversations that made me forget every trouble that was weighing me down. The importance of friends can never be overemphasized in one's life. They're one tool that makes up a perfect day, a time spent with them is a moment of true happiness and laughter.

Finally, the unexpected Good News. This can be news we have been hoping for but comes at a point we least expected it. These news are often answers to our wishes and these are surprises that come with a change of one's status. News of a federal government appointment, an acceptance of a proposal (both relationship and business), news of pregnancy (in marriage),etc. On a day where I am welcomed with such news , it would make a perfect day for me.

In conclusion, a perfect day may not necessarily be a day filled with roses and beauty. It could be just a day when someone reconnects with a loved one who had been missing in their life for a long time.

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