SilverSaver888's Weekly Selections, Week I

Hello Everyone!

I have decided to devote one day a week to feature post by minnows. I've been wanting and meaning to do this since last year. I want to thank @solominer for his example and encouragement.

The articles I am selecting are those posted in the Ladies of Hive community. It is the hope that you will take the time to read the articles and engage them. And do show them support by following them!

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My natural Easter eggs by @jelenaa


Using different leaves, dandelions, clovers, daisies, cut out baking paper of varied shapes, onion skins, water, apple cider vinegar, @jelenaa and son does beautiful Easter eggs!

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Online Shopping Musings by @bloghound


Not being lazy or anything like that... she hates crowds and not a huge fan of shopping. But @bloghound loves online shopping!

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Fresh Green Bean And Bulgur Rice ~ Taze Yeşil Fasulye Ve Bulğur Pilavı (ENG-TR) by @rumeysaozer


Healthy eating with simple ingredients, @rumeysaozer prepares a complete meal!

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Maravilloso paseo a un frío y hermoso pueblito de los Andes venezolanos ES/EN by @paoladiaz


Salomón to Zumbador to Copper, @paoladiaz shares with us this wonderful road trip!

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