Feedback and remarks


Interaction is significant to building up a connection either in physical or social media, but somehow you may encounter complications to acquire all this.

  • Less confidence;

You are hesitant whether the people will care for it or not. Sometimes the stuff is regarding a momentous topic but you want to giggle but expecting the feedback, you constrain yourself to engage. The fear is the negative feedback. We know very well that

expecting from others is bad

as they don't bestow you the same energy which you invest.

  • The variation in viewpoints;

This is apparent that you possess an unusual point of point. Not everyone looks at things in the same way. At the time when few will contradict your point of view, others will take it genuinely too. So the ratio of disagreement and confirmation should be expected in the same way.

  • Mentality level;

Sometimes you are viewing the thing in the wide spectrum thereby you are uncomfortable speaking it up. It's not the issue with you, instead consider yourself as more knowledgeable who has the wisdom to explore things.

  • Opposition;

People may criticize you just because they don't know, also for the sake of their status. Many times their gut feelings urge them to agree with you but their ego is getting hurt thereby they will show you negative feedback.


  • My experience;

Now let me show you some interactions I have had till now;
Exploring things and researching the aspects makes me unusual yet people negate me in front of others because of jealousy. But it's not a matter of fact, I can see a few gazes who are showing approving glances to me. Multiple times I received people who came in private to tell me that I have indicated their distinct perspective.
Earlier I was among the reluctant people too who was so embarrassed that she can't even tell the teacher that alteration of valine with glutamine causes sickle cell anemia. But now after crossing that hurdle I am in the world of social media where there is more opposition and pessimism.

I remembered when I worked on Uptrennd there was a guy name Medicoz who gave me comments on each post (seems like he only had time to read my content 🤭) I was so much reluctant that I didn't respond to him at the beginning. But then I improved myself and started conversing with numerous perspectives. And the time appeared when I continued for the comment and replies. Time passed and I developed enough courage to interact with people on posts. Somehow that guy is behind my success too ❤


But now the issue I am facing these days is Twitter, my Pakistani community often shows negative responses or just they have the intention to pull you down. Their 3 lines post and my 5 lines comment what it shows? For me things have insight and when they don't even give me ❤ I feel myself in the storm of hostility. Hehe my mom asks me why you bother them so much you are already a blogger and you have your name in this world.

But it hurts when your words fade up in covetousness lol, where I am going 😐 although still, I have no solution for this hehe because many times I don't reply to them in The Urdu language because that interaction gets the version of chit chat and they forget their limits and starts treating like some other stuff(jumping into the DM and considering as time pass ) But when I do converse in English they contemplate me, aliens. What we can say to their mentality. So now what I love is the interaction I have here on the Platform. Writers interact and give you 110% response which shows that they know. They are concerned about the content you are publishing. If you will make them think they will express it. If you will giggle at them they will indicate it in the same way.

So now the point I want to indicate here is the need for expressive and appreciative behavior.

Interactions are meant to be authentic and if one is responding to the topic be responsible while giving feedback.

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