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Hello everyone! We hope everyone is doing well. We will now release the Official list of eligible users for the airdrop, the snapshot happened on the 14th of May, 2022, eligible users are the people who have activated and have been following our curation trail and granted us posting authority, out of 61 who activated the trail, 9 people did not qualify because they did not grant Rabona the posting authority so they can also upvote the posts that we curate.

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List of Eligible Users

Here is the list of eligible people in alphabetical order;
Check here for more information on how to be eligible for airdrop


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The reward will be distributed after 7 days (21st of May, 2022), make sure you do not disable the curation program during this timeframe so you retain eligibility to claim the rewards.

As stated in the Official announcement the eligible users will get their share out of the 1,000,000,000 pool of RBN tokens, your share will depend on how much RBN and how much Hive power (i.e. how much percentage you have let the program use from your account, 10% of 1,000 HP will have the same rewards as 100% of 100 HP) you have in your account when the snapshot happened.

We will release more information on how to claim your tokens on the 21st of May, thank you so much for supporting @rabona and for believing in the project.

Rabona is a work in progress and it is you the community that gives us the strength to continue building this great game, even without financial support and enough manpower (we are not ashamed to admit) but we can promise to keep working hard to bring the best out of Rabona and meet its potential. In the meantime we are asking for your patience and consideration, we can promise that once everything is done, we will have more fun playing this great game!

Again, thank you to the people who believed and followed our curation trail, and make sure that you do not turn it off until you received your reward.

If you feel that you are eligible and did not find your name on the list, please contact us on Discord so we can answer any of your questions.

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