Thoughtful Daily Post - August Contest | Quest for Curation and Engagement

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It's August!!

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Hello, my friends! It has been some time since I created a contest; my last contests involved cooking, and I know everyone loves sharing and learning new recipes! But I wanted to change things up just a little bit... I wanted to keep it simple so we could start the month out the right way... with what I think is pivotal to our journey on the blockchain; Curation and Engagement.

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As I said, let's keep it simple! You will probably be having a hard enough time trying to decide who to choose! So here's the details:


• Find a Redfish post you think qualifies for a #ThoughtfulDailyPost

• Create your own post, highlighting "why you think this post qualifies"

• Adhere to the rules of my Thoughtful Daily Post Community

• Place your finished post in the comments


First Place: 5 HIVE | 5 POB Tokens

Second Place: 5 HIVE | 5 POB Tokens

You are seeing right... everyone wins!! Please do your best to create content that is of positive posting ethics; not just a few words, or little effort. Also, don't forget to use proper sources and credit the author of your choice (You could just add the link to their post). In addition to the above-mentioned guidelines. Please use #thoughtfuldailypost, #theterminal, and #pob, as three of the first five TAGS in your blog post! You will have until this post's payout (7 days) to get your submissions in!


What's that, you say? What's a Redfish? And what if I'm not in @theterminal! Well let's just peek real quick, shall we?

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Graphic by @hivebuzz

Once you hit the 500 HP threshold, you are no longer a Redfish. So if you are below that threshold, then you are good to go! If you would like to participate in the contest, come join @theterminal! We have been helping folks since 2018, and the Discord invite is below. Our main goal is stated as follows:

The primary goal of TheTerminal is to answer questions about Hive/Steem, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Discord. We aim to help folks learn, grow, and find communities where they can thrive. We are like a travel terminal for destinations on the blockchain!

From @theterminal Mission Statement

So... now you have all the details! Have I forgotten anything? Yes, I have! Thank you to @enginewitty, and to all of the staff at @theterminal, for allowing me the ability to help create these posts, and to provide prizes!

What are you thoughtful for, today?

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