Would Love To Connecting Nature

Image by VIKTOR KONDRATIUK from Pixabay

Tired of living regular city life. Need to plan vacation in December when I can connect the nature more. My grandmother lives in a village area with my uncle and aunt so I can go there to enjoy the natural views and can connect with it.

Its raining cats and dogs outside and I'm inside my room writing my thoughts and miss to have some time when I can spend with nature like walking barefooted on grass and the dew drops will washout my feet. It relaxing and mind healing. In my childhood I've tried this many times.

After the rain the smell of soil bring serene and the cool breeze blow my mind. I smell the roses and absolutely feel like living the nature. In city life we experiencing everyday dust, sound pollution, air pollution, water pollution and it seems there is no oxygen around me. The breath I take seems burning my internal organs, its not healing like beautiful green nature.

Nature lovers like me usually go to the nearest park or forest area to be relax. I can plan for that too but the village is naturally beautiful to be but park is also decorated with fancy things where there natural elements like trees, plants and flowers exist but the real nature doesn't found here. Sometimes travelling to the village could be a good idea but we are living the robotic busy life in cities where managing time for connecting with nature rarely possible.

Today I was expecting a sunny day but its raining outside. I wish to visit the nearest park today to find some natural moments there. I may have some deep breath there to repair my internal organs which seems full of carbon di oxide. This rain will be over soon. Green plants and trees are rarely found in cities but inside the botanical park we can enjoy the nature at least for a while.

This is my early morning thought as I'm a nature lover and miss my childhood days when I enjoyed the nature closely. Village seems calling me!

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