What is Life All About?

Many a times I see myself asking this question "What's Life all about", and in my journey through the world within my few year of been in this world, I have seen many people also asking this same question. Some voiced it out, others you would see it on their faces clear as crystals, while many hide it deep down in there heart battling and trying to understand what's life is really all about.


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Once a baby is born, the parent had to tend and care for him or her, many atimes trying to guess what the baby need or is passing through. Then the baby start walking and playing about, the stress reduces while the expenses increase in the bid to feed and Carter for him or her.

Schooling phrase soon pop-up for such a child, and they start to learn and know that a lot is expected of him or her, how to read and write, passing exams and making sure to come out in flying colours or face the wrath of your parent for failing, with your parent pointing out to you that the children who took the best position don't have two head.

As you grew into teenage-hood, lists of things expected of you piles up, from been asked to be a positive example, to been asked to start outstanding in your field of study, pressure here and there, Then you start questioning your parent views, wanting to do things your way and finding fault with all there instructions.

But as you grow older, you understand better why your parent act and react the way they do, by then you are working to make ends meet, trying to settle down and have a family of your own, then you tend to understand better and appreciate your parents on how they were able to manage resources in a collapsing economy to take care of you.

Then boom, the cycle begins, you start your own family, gave birth to your own children, take care of them from toddlers to teen and trying to shape them into a better adult through your experience of life, you get old, then your children takes up the circle from where you left off.

What's Life then?

  • Is life really a circle, where you were given birth to and you are to do the same?
  • Is life about being born, growing, working, start a family, growing old and death ends it all?

I think life is more than all the above listed point and I believe we can get the best out of it, beyond the contemporary norms.

  • I have come to understand that the impact and foot-print we have on those we come across and the influences we creat through our actions and words bring a certain type of joy that no riches can buy.
  • Our life become meaningful through timely meeting the material and inmaterial needs of people, The joy, the smile, the peace and calmness we bring to life through those simple actions of ours are priceless and it is what gives life a meaning.

I would like to round up by saying that, we give Life a real meaning by putting smile on the faces of the hopeless, food on the table of the hungry, our show of little kindness would go a long way to reduce the bad vibes in the world today.

Lastly, I'll leave you to ponder on these question as I bring an end to my message to you to.

What impact are you leaving behind on those you've met during your life journey thus far?

Thanks for your time.

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