Suffering is NOT optional

I remember buddha's quote that says, suffering is optional. Which is not true. I think a lot of buddhism doesn't take into account of how karma and overall life works. On that account I usually not much prefer buddhism.

I think Hinduism has lot richer text on the way karma has been placed in the text. You may make one choice and then suffer for not having another.

So in short the suffering is never optional. How? Let's talk about it.


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You choose one, you lose one.

The way life works is that you become doctor, you lose on the choice of benefits you get by being engineer. You choose one type of life you lose out on another. You choose peace, you lose richness. You choose rich, you may lose peace. There is always one choice that keeps you away from the rest.

You may not like it, but other people rub their suffering on You

Unless you live in a cave and choose to ignore the rest of the world, you would find that being social has it's perks and the loss. So when someone else does the cry of their life suffering then you may notice that they could be rubbing their suffering on you too.

You Choose Your Poison

Some people don't believe in fate but some of the time you choose your poison and then get into the problem that you have in your life. And other times it is something they have to adjust with the life issues. So you get into problems and then that leads to your own suffering journey. From that point onwards you have no control over the path.

You are never in control

When we are kid we don't understand this nor we realize this fact as we go adults. And the biggest thing you should learn is that you are never in control. You are always being controlled by either someone else or the people who are holding the power. So first thing to understand in life is you are not in control.

Suffering is never optional. Buddha was wrong about this. Everybody suffers in this world people just don't know or want to accept the fact.


Suffering is what we come up with from the birth to the death. And there is no way we can have any form of control. We are going to be facing the suffering as we go ahead in our everyday life journey. :)

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