Way past pouring...

You're familiar with the saying, "when it rains, it pours"? I think we are at the collosal flood stage. We are so far past pouring, I wonder how we haven't drowned yet.

A total of five children

in Five car accidents

in Three rollovers

and Three Totalled Cars

in the last Six months.

This last one involved my daughter and her fiance (two months before their wedding) driving down the highway when the back tire blew. Both of their windows were down but when the car flipped, but it flipped to my daughter's side and instinct told her to brace herself.

Her hand went down (out the window) in a car flipping at 76 mph.

I still can't believe she has a hand, but God was gracious and spared their lives.


Life is so odd these days. I feel like I'm constantly being called to make a new assessment of my heart's standing. Like I'm continually being asked to evaluate life from new perspectives, and I just don't want to anymore.

It feels veey ungrateful to sit on this side of a car wreck, five to be exact, wirh life and limb preserved and still ask for more.

Deep sigh. But I do. I ask for calm, and peace and contentment.

And even more than that, I ask for laughter and joy and fulfillment.

And most of all, I ask for time. Time to make lots more memories and lots more love.

I realize this is one of my shorter posts, but time is fleeting as I sit beside a sleeping baby that will be waking any moment now.

Life changes in a moment, friends, and you're never ready. Love lots.

This post was for my friend @wesphilbin and his amazing community #thoughtfuldailypost. We had rhe privilege of collaboration with him this month through DreemPort and it's been a joy 😊

pics are mine ❤️

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