A lesson learned in my life

Hi Everyone :) We all always learn something from our family what i learn from my grandparents' life is tolerance,sharing and caring, which today we lack the most..

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My grandfather married twice and both of my Grandmothers are my role model,they both supported each other and lived in neighborhood, they both shared their meals, they chilled together and led very ideal life..they didn't question each other's existence they are and were my favorites because they have shown me the true reality and meaning of life they are no more but they set an example of unity and shown that this world is worldy and has to end but our behavior with each other is what people will talk about the most,it is eternal,when we die how we live matters it takes a very very big heart to accept someone's existence but those who live like that live courageously..Now when i see hatred and jealousy it reminds me of my Grandparent's life they were liberal tolerant courageous and bold enough to question the certain criteria of our societal norms..To me this world is just an illusion this is our test and rest of other things are what we take seriously and make other's life difficult..Hatred is easy it is very much easier than love..Love is what we do something difficult and it demands a heart of GOLD BECAUSE IT NEVER DIES

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