The Darkness of The Bunny

Happy Easter. Watch out.

It a religious holiday which has been commercialized with the Easter bunny, and America has become less religious in recent years. However, the historical record and first hand accounts of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus can't be denied.

The Darkness of The Bunny

2017-04-15 - Saturday - 10:03 PM PST - Facebook Post

That is why people that seek to deny God try to deceive others and taint the credibility of Jesus by saying he was married, or that they found his grave, Da Vinci code, etc; because they know they can't deny he existed. To deny God is to deny truth, and the opportunity of a new life because of the battle against darkness Jesus won by his death and resurrection. He won the greatest battle, and when we accept him, he promises to fight our battles in life for us - the hard things and bad things that happen in our life that we can't handle on our own.

As you can see from all the shows and movies about Lucifer, Harry Potter, vampires, etc, there is no deniance of the existence of Satan, evil and darkness; but without a relationship with Jesus, we have no way to battle the darkness and evil all around us trying to snuff out our life; no way to make it through the really tough things in life, and hard attacks against us, without falling apart; thus, it is to be without hope.

To be strong and really wise, we have to admit that we can't make it in life without help everyday from the one who made us and is in complete control; the one who makes sure the sun rises and sets every day, and ensures operation and order of all the laws of science, without which, nothing that is would be.

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