Sunday morning run in Robanov kot

And hike because it involved some knee biting and climbing up steep hills.

Robanov kot is one of three parallel mountain valleys in Northern Slovenia. It's the rightmost of the trio, along with more famous Logar Valley and Matkov kot.

The goal was to run/hike up the left side of the valley, visit the partisan hospital, clean the path and hospital barrack itself, then continue to the end of the valley and run back down and to the village of Solčava.

The execution? Perfect!

The funny thing with these valleys is that they are upside down. Their entrances are on the north and they are elevated toward the south. The map above is turned on its head.

Isn't nature majestic?

The partisan hospital is hidden somewhere behind and above the rocks on the left.

A steep path is leading to it. It was covered with leaves and branches. My task was to clean it the best that I could.

There were several barracks in the hospital. One is still standing to show us in what conditions the partisans and their doctors and staff endured and survived.

Imagine being here in winter in deep snow without running water and electricity, hiding your tracks and smoke from the oven. Living here, treating wounded, operating, ... Those were heroic times with heroic people.

Selfie time aka POR (Proof Of Run)

Ps: I'll sell these photos again under the #hivestockphotos umbrella.
Ps2: do I need a better camera? Newer phone perhaps?

Better and better
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