Top 5 Free VPN'S

Today I like to share the top 5 VPN's that I use while playing games and searching the web. These VPN's include both TCP and UDP Protocols. UDP Protocol is for high transmission speeds (reduced latency) mainly used for playing games online and steaming videos online and TCP is best for downloading files without any loss. I know VPN's are very important at this time and they will keep us safe from Hackers, Trackers and other Advertisement companies stealing our Day to Day search information. VPN's are also used for ByPassing Web filters like fortiguard and other web filters used in colleges and organisations. VPN will also allow us to access regional locked files on the web and also it helps to access websites that are blocked by your Government.

So, Here Are The Top 5 Free VPN's Out There

  1. VietPN
  2. SSHdropbear
  4. VPNJantit
  5. XVPN

These are the Top 5 VPN's that are free to use and also has a Speed of 100MB/S-1GB/S. The OpenVPN's Ports can be modified from the config file using note pad (that means you can change UDP 2500 to UDP 53 by editing the config file in the notepad)



Why VietPN is at 1st Place?!

The main reasons are simplicity and reliability. There is no maintenance break for VietPN and also the Bandwidth limit is 1GB/S, Which makes Vietpn the fasted VPN in this list. And also the VietPN is also available for Android and IOS.

VietPN is also good for Online Gaming it helps to increase the lag allowing you to Tank a lot.

Download VietPN from here:


It is available for Windows, IOS, Linux and Android

The only problem being you need to create an account for using VietPN. The account created grants lifetime access to VietPN's Free VPNs.


After creating the account you can log in using the VietPN app installed in Windows or in your mobile and start connecting to the 10 free servers




The main reason SSHdropbear is in the second place is that, even if it has the highest maintenance breaks. The transmission of data through the VPN is super fast, as it helps to reduce pings on almost all the Games out there with most of the regions VPN SSH files available for free.

It has a Bandwidth 100+ mb/s and is also an ideal VPN for almost doing anything on the web. Also has 1-month accounts for free

How can you use an SSH OpenVPN on PC or Laptop?

For using an OpenVPN like the SSH dropbear or the rest of the VPN's listed from 2-5 in the Top 5 VPN's list you need to download and install OPENVPN CONNECT in your Computer

Download OpenVPN Connect:


Download OpenVPN Connect V3:


After Downloading and Installing OpenVPN Connect you can download the OVPN file and also create an account for 7 days from the SSHdropbear site as shown in this video

Download OVPN from here:

It is available for Windows, IOS, Linux and Android

SSHdropbear will have 100MB/S-1GB/S depending on the server you choose



The TCPVPN is also like SSHdropbear but it has some servers exclusive for gamers and TCPVPN provides 1 month server that means you only need to renew your account once in a month.


The way you use the TCPVPN and the rest of the VPN listing below is similar to the SSHdropbear procedure. You need to install OpenVPN Connect in your computer / Mobile and download the OPENVPN File and also create a 7 days account from TCPVPN and insert it to OpenVPN Connect and enter the username and password and click on connect.

Download OpenVPN Connect:

Download the OVPN files from here:

TCPVPN has unlimited bandwidth



The best part about VPNJantit is that it has a wide range of VPN servers to choose from and also the IP resets in everyday keeping you safe.


The way to use VPNJantit is similar to the SSHdropbear procedure. You need to install OpenVPN Connect on your computer / Mobile and download the OpenVPN File and also create a 7 days account from the VPNJantit website and insert it into OpenVPN Connect and enter the username and password and click on connect.

VPNJantits has unlimited bandwidth

Download OpenVPN Connect:

Download the OVPN file from here:



The final VPN in the list is XVPN and it is mainly due to its simplicity and available protocols making it an ideal VPN for accessing websites that are blocked.

Only this VPN in the list doesn't allow you to download from torrent

Download XVPN from here Android:
Download XVPN from here windows:


I really think we all need to use VPN's these days as, whatever we chat in the messengers are being sold to the advertisement companies for making money. The VPN will prevent this information from leaking and also protects your original identity and information regarding your device currently used by making you anonymous.
These are the Best Free VPN's available on the internet for browsing the web and also for online gaming. If using a VPN can stop others from stealing your privacy, I don't think there is any good reason for not using a VPN.

All the VPN's in the list can be used on a computer / mobile phone.

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