Winners Of Show Me A Photo Contest Round .... in Feathered Friends Community

Hello Feathered Friends Lovers,

Round 70 of #SMaP (Show Me a Photo) Contest in Feathered Friends Community is over.

Let me thank our judge @oks2crypto for his incredible job and contribution.

And big thank you to all who participate and post in our community of Feathered Friends! Without you this contest wouldn't be successful. The week has passed quickly and your entries with photos of birds with open beaks brought so many smiles not only on my face, I am sure. As always it was a great pleasure to view them.


Without further ado, here are the five winners of round 70 in no particular order.


#SMaP Show Me A Photo Contest Round 70!

Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 70 - My entry

SMAP Round 70 - Canada Goose Gosling

Feathered Friends - Smap Round #70

Open Beak Chickadee - SMAP contest 70

Each winner will receive 2 Hive and 200 Ecency POINTS. Check your wallet as well. Also each winner will receive 2 Nature Tokens.

Huge thank you Feathered Friends Community and @melinda010100 for sponsoring the contest!

Congratulations and hope to see your entries again.

πŸ‘‡Don't forget to check the new theme this week.πŸ‘‡


Any suggestions for next themes are always welcome.

All comments written on Feathered Friends, Shadow Hunters, Feel Good and Ladies of Hive Community posts receive staked ARCHON tokens.


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