7 Strategies To Overcome Demotivation

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Our lives are full of ups and downs. On "good" days, we feel unstoppable and we can take on the whole world. However, on our "bad" days, we feel that we cannot do anything. We feel like to just hide in a corner. We feel drained out and demotivated. I like to share with you 7 strategies that can help us to overcome our demotivation.

1. Make Time For Yourself.

Take some time for yourself and look after yourself. Everyone's definition of self-care is different. Start with the basics, such as taking bubble baths and lighting candles. Learn to say no to others if you feel that Take yourself out to dinner, go shopping, or go for a walk. Give yourself a special treat and you will feel better. For me, a massage does wonders to lift up my spirits.

2. Shift your attention away from what you're thinking.

Changing the emphasis of your thoughts is another technique to boost your self-motivation. One reason that we feel down is we focus too much on the problems or challenges at hand. We can instead focus on how our lives can improve in the future if we persevere. If possible, look at things from another perspective.

3. When it's required, make new decisions.

Sometimes all we need to get more excited about something is to make a few changes. And we're not talking about major shifts here. . However, it's likely that all you need is a minor tweak to what you're already doing.

The unfamiliar and unknown elicits suspicion and, in some cases, fear. But one thing is certain: if you don't give it a shot, you'll never know whether it would have worked out. If the change is something major like a career change, do give it serious consideration as well. Life is made up of choices, and you may always go on to something more enjoyable.

4. Every day, learn something new.

Learning something new every day is a fantastic way to stay motivated whenever you need it. The more knowledge and information we have on a subject, the more authority and self-assurance we have. This demonstrates that we believe in ourselves and what we're doing. Invest in yourself, particularly in your knowledge! Set educational goals for yourself and work hard to achieve them. If you learn something new every day, you'll be better equipped to deal with any challenges that arise.

5. Meditate Or Pray

Meditation can help manage our despair, anxiety, and overall calmness during times of adversity. When we meditate, we calm our wandering mind and this can help us grounded. We all make better decisions when we are calmer. Meditate also helps us develop our mindfulness.

We can also pray, and ask the Almighty to intervene to make the situation better. Prayer often gives us hope when we feel like giving up and the situation seems hopless.

6. Dress Up And Show Up

It has been said that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Even when you are feeling demotivated, put your best feet forward and do your best. Your feeling of demotivation will eventually be replaced by a sense of accomplishment once you have realized what you have achieved for the day. Once this has become a habit, it comes easier and easier to move forward in spite of whatever problems or difficulties that you are facing.

7. Have faith in yourself.

A number of people do not believe they are good enough at what they do, which is a major source of demotivation. Working on your self-confidence is one approach to motivate yourself. Gradually, your confidence will grow, and you will be more driven to complete the activities, even if they appear challenging at first.

In addition, you had already successfully overcome demotivation in the past. Therefore have the confidence that this time around you will be successful as well.


Feeling demotivated is part and parcel of life. We cannot expect everything will work out as plan and we feel happy every day. However, when we are feeling down and demotivated, we need to snap out of it as soon as possible. It is pointless to be sad and depressed for a prolonged period. I hope that the above strategies will help you overcome demotivation. Are there any other strategies that work with you? Please share in the comment section.

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