Administrative work to become my own boss...

Tons of administrative work

This morning is dedicated to admin work.

Independent ...

Deep in administrative work

Since yesterday, I am deep in the administrative tasks for my possible future career .
First of all, I take tons of information on how to become my own boss, without taking too many risks as I got responsibilities.

The two folders gave me information about who to contact to be accompanied, legally, and how to meet other professionals to help me starting correctly.

Helped by my government

And normally tomorrow evening the parcel with all the materials should arrive, as promised, I will show you the unboxing and I will make some nice candles this week-end.
I will make a special series... Might some of you be interested in getting
The Very first official "Artisans of the Bastion" candles ever done ?"

I took that name as the Bastion has a lot of meanings to me, and it gives the opportunity to diversify.

I also came up with a very first logo idea, and I asked @lithajacobs if she wanted to work on it for a printable version of her choice, with transparent background (for stickers and websites).

First logo idea
Could be with, or without the text.
The golden plant in the middle includes the scents and flame of our handmade 100% natural candles...

Would you like a special NFT for the occasion?

I also could make a special NFT with the very first production? I will let you know if I do, so people can support my work and help me to start in good conditions.


Best regards,
ā‰‹š•“š–™š–š–†š–—š–† š•²š–†ĆÆš–†š–“ā‰‹

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