Larry is Alive - September 22, 2022 - Day 19


Hey Larry Hunters,

It's Thursday and I'm back for a hunt with Larry. For once, I started a little earlier, and as usual was able to perform plenty of clicking and surfing. Therefore Larry is Alive and delivers everywhere! Let's follow him on his route!


The Hunt for Larry


Even though I didn't start with Listnerds this time, I will keep it first here. It's unusual for me but I am a little behind on my weekly and monthly targets for mail reading, but today I made up for it with way more than the 10 emails requirement for the contest. And here's the proof of completion:



LeadsLeap is always open on my work laptop and whenever I have a bit of time, I start clicking. That's why the numbers can go pretty high, and today's no exception. Here's the proof of completion:




Like I said last week, I am also getting into the habit of visiting more sites at Trafficadbar, and here's the proof for today:


    Infinity Traffic Boost

Very few days when I don't max out the number of visited pages at Infinity Traffic Boost. Today again I reached the 100 pages, and here's the proof of completion:


    Free Advertising For You

And the final stop at Free Advertising For You. I always keep it for the end, because it requires me to change computer. But today, with a little bit more time, and much earlier than usual, I was able to complete even more tasks, and here's the proof of completion:

For once, they had 15 block ads available, which means I could also qualify for all the daily contests:


And that is it, another successful hunt with Larry who's very Alive and delivers everywhere! Still early in the afternoon, in fact with my unusual schedule, it's breakfast time! Then later we'll of course go for a long walk with Kaia, hopefully catch the sunset in the end again. The temperature is much lower today, kinda chilly but sunny, I like it! And that also means we can walk longer.

Happy hunting to y'all and see you next time!
And finally, for anybody that would like to know more about what this hunt is all about, here's the link again with all the details.

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