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It's another Monday, and I made it! 🎉🎉 It's actually past midnight now, so technically, I'm starting Chooseday. LOL!

I had to make way for my daughter who was using my workspace. She now has two nights of article writing. Ugh! I need to finish earlier on those nights, but it didn't happen tonight. Anyway, that's done, and I'm now able to write this post.


Now, we can begin counting down to the end of January. It is less than ten days away. Oh boy! How time flies indeed! At least I've done the clean up we so badly needed to do, so I've accomplished my major target for the month. From hereon, it's the in-between days till February comes and my next task comes due. I'll check my list to see which one it will be. LOL! Like I said, I did plan out some goals for 2023, but they're all kinda open plans, so I can just choose which ones are more feasible. Mostly, I need to wait for more time.. and more budget. 💵💰

Onwards to my #LarryIsAlive quest...



Daily goal achieved ☑️ weekly goal has been reset but now moves forward. Same with monthly goal with eight days left in the month.



I'm done with daily surf and conversion (I forgot to do this earlier so it's once again delayed. LOL!)



Daily surf on TAB has been done. The login bonus and double credits are back! It's my chance to accumulate more points. Yay!



I'm just waiting for the reset of my monthly goal on FAFY. For now, the daily login bonus is my main target.


Time for winding down my day. I'm just going to relax a bit then it's bedtime. Yeah, another day has come to an end. Amazing how time flies. If I don't have a task list, I'd be lost. It's good to have a road map.


I have much to work on, but I'm taking things one day at a time. Plus, I've learned to schedule my worry time, so I do not do it often. Nighttime is definitely not the time to think of stuff that will make me stay up. LOL! I've learned that by now. I can think of it.. tomorrow! All righty, time to wrap up! See you on my next #LarryIsAlive post. Good night from Manila. Ciao!

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