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Wow, it's the third Chooseday in January (two more to go). I hope you remember to choose happy.. not just today but every single day 😊 Surrounding yourself with things that make you happy is one way.


Yesterday was a special happy day. I received a total of 16 postcards. One of them is from my daughter -- a postcard of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. She sent this a day or two when she got there. It took one and a half month before I got it. The delay is most likely in our local postal service. 🤔

la sagrada familia.jpg

That's the lovely postcard I got from Spain. The rest of the others are from Postcrossing and Postcard United members. 😊 Now, I need to set aside time to send out postcards again. My daughter used to help me with this task.

Alive Chat Chooseday : ALIVE Burning Contest

It was my turn to win last week with 215 raffle tickets. It turned out I got to burn 64 ALIVE tokens for promotion too. I think I've started burning a little more this week. I'll find out tomorrow exactly how many I've managed to burn for the week. 😂 I must admit I lost track of counting. I'll get back to tracking that next week.

Mechanics on how to join can be found here. That's the post from last week. It's good to see that participant numbers are growing too. 🙌

Onwards to my #LarryIsAlive quest...


Let me recap my quest for today..

LN - daily goal achieved for the challenge 👍 only got twelve mails today to add to the weekly. Let's see if I will be able to complete the weekly goal at the end of the week.

CTPX - No more 🍀 so no more win from yesterday. Did the minimum surf today.

LL - Daily surf and convert done on LL. It's good to be earning little by little each day. I will need more ways to increase my LL coop link earnings though. 🤔

TAB - daily minimum surf on TAB completed for the challenge 👍

FAFY - Yesterday I was able to reach my 1K reward points goal on FAFY, so I just do the minimum activities. I did add more surf to ITB instead.

ITB - completed four shares on ITB today. I decided to do less on FAFY and do a little more here. Hopefully, I can gradually increase it again over time (I remember I also promote my LL coop link here).

screenshots from my quest can be found below...




>>> What's new? : Check out CTPX









Infinity Traffic Boost


A-ha! I noticed I forgot to resize the screenshots here today. 🤣 My daughter called on FB messenger video chat. I guess I got distracted. She sent a second postcard a couple of days ago. I hope it will arrive faster than a month and a half. 🙄


That's all for today. I will be winding down my activities to prepare for bed. Midweek is coming. Yipee! 🙌 Do enjoy your day! Nighty night from Manila. See you on my next post. Ta-tah! 👋


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