Should we postpone the Hive Naija - DreemPort Challenge?

I keep waiting for relief. Waiting for the pressure building inside my soul to just release - and it just won't. All this past week, things have been getting worse, getting more stressful. Friends drafted to war. Family affected by natural disasters. Internal strife. External animosities. I keep saying over and over "Tomorrow will be better." But tomorrow turns sour. It gets worse, and the temptation to damn hope becomes so alluring.

I remember reading as a child - the book of Job, and hearing all his trials. There is something about reading quickly through a lifetime of pain - that keeps us hovering over it. It was so easy for me to judge him. "Just stick it out, Job! Can't you see that this is just a trial? A temporary suffering? Don't listen to your wife when she tells you to curse God and die! Just deal with it. It will end and then you'll move on! This too shall pass."

Because when we're reading an account from page to page, as the years are flying by quickly beneath our fingers - it's oh-so-easy to sit in our lofty tower and judge the "people below". It feels a lot different when we're in pain, when we're beyond sad, when we're at the lowest, (or so we think) and the next day dares to sink even lower. We too... start to hear those whispers of "curse God and die."

Of course - I am NOT, nor would I ever consider - to REALLY postpone the Hive Naija-DreemPort challenge. I've been waiting for this (along with my sweet @deraaa) for 3 months now - and October 1, Nigeria's Independence day, has finally arrived and our October collaboration has officially begun.

But I'll tell you right now - that I'm doing this through pain.

But I'll also tell you something surprising... I'm glad for the pain.

Why? What a strange thing to say!

Because there is something very honest, raw, vulnerable, genuine, and heartfelt when someone that is in pain - with YOU - can still strive to speak peace. I will be BRUTALLY honest with you - right now, its the last thing I WANT to do. I want to lay down, and sleep, and escape, and pretend that life has a pause button, and I want to just skip all this. I want to fast forward ahead to the easy. Don't you? Are you sick of it all? Aren't just so tired of the corruption and the nastiness and failings, and just when one day ends - the next one begins filled with the long journey until we can just sleep again.

I don't know how else to tell you this - but I think I'm SUPPOSED to be feeling this way. I'm supposed to be wanting to run away, wanting a different path, wanting the escape - because, it's exactly what I hear over and over again from my friends in Nigeria. And even though my life isn't the same - and our struggles aren't the same - our heart is going through the same valley right now.

And if I'm going to help lead the way with this #speekpeece chapter of our lives, then I should be facing the same battles - so that we can endure it together, and we can celebrate on the other side - that we did it, as a team, united, family.

I'll say this ... I've been building up to this announcement of what we'll do for weeks now. And many people have been somewhat "dreading" what it is that I'll ask. Now that it's here - and you're about to find out what we'll do for this first week - you might be tempted to say... "that's all? THAT is the big reveal that we've been worried about?"

Sometimes the simplest things - when done with sincerity and intention, can be the most provocative experience. Take breathing, for example. Often, we forget about this mundane task. We let our bodies take over, and simply go into automatic breathing mode. Our inhalations are shallow, our exhalations are not full- we're barely filling our lungs.

But then...

If I tell you to take a deep breath. Inhale as fully as you can. Hold that breath in your lungs and feel the oxygen bursting your chest wide open. Exhale fully until your body relaxes - and then repeat 4 more times, inhaling stronger, exhaling slower, relaxing deeper.

You can see the difference, can't you? Same task, different motive.

So, I'd like you to think about these next tasks that you'll be doing EACH day.
You'll only have to report them Monday - Thursday, by filling in 👉THIS CHART.👈 (CAN you begin today? yes, you can. But you ONLY have to do it Monday- Thursday) On Friday, I'll have a post for you to write and submit to DreemPort. I'll give you the topic on Tuesday so you can start to formulate your thoughts and write your hearts out.

This week's 👉DAILY CHART👈 for our #speekpeece challenge with Hive Naija

  1. List something - only one thing each day - that you are incredibly grateful for.

  2. Become very aware of the hurt around you. Do not be judgemental, do not incite anger, find a way to bring healing. Don't feel the need to speak here if you don't have to. You'd be surprised at what a truly genuine loving smile can accomplish.

  3. Find one person - each day - to #speekpeece into. Don't make this an "unconscious breathing" kind of task where you say something trite and trivial. Make this a "deep full breath" kind of task where you think about how you really want to impact that person and let your words be seeds of peace in their hearts. If they react badly - stay calm, be calm, spread calm. Hear them. See them. Try to understand them.

  4. Take those 5 deep cleansing breaths - at some point in the day.

  5. This might be the hardest one - but do try: When you find yourself in the pain, in the struggle, wanting the escape... Pause, and think... "Is there actually something that I could be learning from this experience. What is it?"

It's not so hard... but it might be the hardest thing of the year for you. I'm telling you - I'm with you. I'm feeling every bit of this with you. But if you're willing to try, let's do it together.

This challenge was specifically designed for Hive Naija - but it is not ONLY for Hive Naija. In the second week, we are going to have a partner. and you're going to be sharing with your partner, and then working on a task together - with your partner. But it all begins here.

If you know of someone who could benefit from this challenge - invite them! I think this is going to be a really special way to start preparing for the end of our year. It's been a long 3 years. 2022 has been interesting and challenging and draining. We want to be ready for what comes next, but sometimes we first have to finish well.

So, I invite you to start setting your mind on the finish line of this year, and start pacing yourself evenly, steadily, with your heart and soul and spirit in alignment, in peace, and finding the joy in the storm.

So much love to you!
Dreemie ❤️

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