Small earnings


Earning crypto without putting your own money on the line has a lot of appeal to it even though for most people it's not the easiest thing to do consistently and successfully, mainly because we're used to consuming content instead of creating it. Since there are so many crypto projects out there you would imagine there would be tons of opportunities to earn all sorts of coins. But besides airdrops which can be very lucrative sometimes, there are conspicuously few places were you can count on making decent monnies with some degree of predictability.

The best of those places is Hive, and I'm not just kissing ass here. If there were a better place I'd be all over it and I'm sure many would do so as well, but to the best of my knowledge there isn't any other blockchain based social media that "pays" you for your time as well as Hive. I think in second place comes Noise cash and for the rest it's kind of debatable if they are worth it long term. On Read cash you're at the mercy of the tipping bot because most people are not going to throw BCH at you because they're stingy like myself :) Publish0x is almost not worth the minute it takes you to cross post stuff there, posting there exclusively is a very bad idea; only people with a ton of followers make anything approaching something decent. And there is Torum with the freaking missions that take an eternity to complete and only then you can start earning something.

So yeah, Hive is the best game in town and I'm happy to have been consistently active on this blockchain for the past year.

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