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I get why the old financial establishment likes to throw shade at bitcoin, I mean watching how you are slowly ( or quickly, depending on who you ask) becoming obsolete must be anything but fun, so I'm sure they're just trying to buy time at this point. Because anybody who understands what crypto is about can see the financial storm that is forming on the horizon.

Some are short sighted and focused on the current economic challenges, others simply like to talk crap about whatever might pose a threat to the current status quo, but change is inevitable in the financial world, and it's hilarious seeing the banksters squirm at that prospect.

I can't help but roll my eyes when people say bitcoin is volatile, it's like saying fire burns; does that mean we shouldn't cook our food, heat our homes or go to a barbecue? Most tools have the ability to hurt you if you're not paying attention when you use them or if you're simply a clumsy buffoon. And crypto is no exception, this financial tool can make some big holes in your bottom line if you don't learn how to use it, just like you can cut your fingers off if you use an axe like an ape without understanding what it's meant to do.

In other news crypto might make you rich if you're patient enough - I know it's freaking obvious but since obvious shit is apparently news worthy material I though it would be a nice conclusion :)

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