Hive is still the best place to earn crypto

In all my pleb adventures in the crypto world I haven't stumbled on a better place than Hive to earn magic internet money and also learn useful stuff. Sure, it's far from perfect and I have memed on it's shortfalls quite a bit over the years, but the bottom line is that the alternatives are so meh that it's almost not worth your time to even log in on some of those platforms let alone spend energy to create content on them.

The fact that I can clown around, share some lols and have fun while also making decent coins for a pleb is a pretty good example on how you can transform earning crypto into a fun past time. There is of course the alternative of being a sweaty try hard - with the goal of earning as much as possible, that writes posts so long that it could break the down arrow on some keyboards . Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against miles long content but I doubt many people have the patience to read it in it's entirety, unless you got some killer writing skills.

Regardless on how you approach your Hive hustle, there is probably a niche for you and that very important when it comes to making the whole experience enjoyable. Ok, enough shilling and let's get to meme-ing on the competition.

Noise Cash

My favorite meme punching bag is definitely the once noisy twitter wanna be. Why do I mean by "once noisy" ? there was a lot more activity and enthusiasm when the platform launched, now it's more like a ghost town with a good chunk of old users ( like me for example ) not receiving free tips anymore. That's like a 5000 IQ move to ensure user retention if you ask me. I won't go into many details on how earning works on Noise Cash like I have done in the past, mainly because 90% of people earn amounts resembling crumbs. For example I earned $1 worth of BCH in a little under 2 months.

A word of warning before going forward: I'm about to go ham on the bread crumbs jokes because it feels like you're only getting some left over crumbs when you're hustling on other crypto platforms.

Another amusing thing about noise cash is the fact they have a sugar daddy that donates BCH to them and in turn they give it to the obedient plebs that praise BCH as the second coming of Satoshi himself. His name is Marc the Weasel ... sorry I mean Marc DeMesel - I'll blame autocorrect for that :P. If you check him out on the interwebs you'll find out that he's a totally not shady guy that makes you not scratch your head. Anyway, with sound tokenomics like that it's no wonder Noise cash is "thriving".

Some more bread puns while also bashing BCH - that's what I call being meme-efficient.


I used this platform for a while like a year ago but it feels more like you're treading water than earning crypto. If you take a look at their trending posts you'll see that only the lucky ones earn a few dollar worth of some random crypto the platforms is offering that month. So if you enjoy crumbs it's definitely the place to be.


Finally the last troublemaker: Torum. This platform takes the word sketchy and redefines it: besides having a strange enrolment program where you can't earn straight away, only after a month ( or at least it had when I joined a year ago ) it also has a minimum amount of 500 tokens that you have to reach before you can withdraw them. The way you earn stuff there is also strange if you ask me so I just go there for the daily login bonus which is not much but at least it takes only a few seconds. Another peculiarity is the platform seems to have very few normal users and has become a shill Shangri-La. At least that's what I've noticed.

Did I miss any platform of potential pecuniary gain ? please let me know, because earning magic internet money is more fun when you can get more of them. Also I hope you enjoyed the meme extravaganza, would be hilarious if this made it on the front page of Leo Finance - just saying :P

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