Fishy investments


I was saying yesterday that looking back and regretting past investment decisions is not the best for the long term health of your last remaining brain cells. Sure it's important to learn from mistakes and make an effort to improve but constantly beating yourself for what could have been is anything but productive.

Besides dealing with crypto regrets in a constructive way there is a thing or two to say about jumping in head first on the very next opportunity to buy some shitcoin that has a lot of hype surrounding it; thinking that this time you won't miss out on those sweet profits. I did that way back in the day when exchanges were rolling out their own coins that offered all sorts of benefits for holding them. People were going crazy with binance coin and kucoin token so of course I bought the coin of a shitty copy cat exchange ( that I can't find the name of after all these years ). And surprise, surprise it went under in the bear winter along with the money I invested. It wasn't a big loss, but it's the classical situation of: "you were better of hodling bitcoin".

The moral of the story is to not jump on cheap clones of the coin that went to the moon, because they quickly go under when the hype disappears. Some actually worth while opportunities will come along at some point.

As a side note: I don't know why my last two memes have been nautical themed, maybe I'm already starting to miss the seaside vacation from last summer, which means I have a very long winter ahead of me :)))

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