Eastern memes

Being the unconventional pluricellular being that I am I decided to go on holiday at the beginning of January and visit Italy. While most sane people do these kinds of trips to ski and stuff I mostly wanted to go sight seeing and hike a bit because I love my knees and I want to keep using them in the future while not destroying them skiing.

But since we had quite a bit of luggage to take with us to Italy we decided to turn this little adventure into a road trip, besides, suffering for more than 1000 km of driving is wholesome fun anyway. My wonderful - definitely not a shithole - country in Eastern Europe is not a member of Schengen yet ( thanks Austria ) so we had to spend quite a bit at the bother with our lovely neighbors: Hungary - another wonderful and definitely not a shithole country.

Anyway, the trip was long and tiring as fudge but we made it to northern Italy in one piece despite the chaotic and almost suicidal way the Italians like to drive on their highways.

After arriving at our destination we met up with some relatives and spent the next few days driving around sightseeing and having a good time. The car was always packed but fortunately it wasn't too bad and didn't spoil the experience. Also we were lucky enough that the weather was pretty nice for the duration of our stay. I won't post any scenic pictures and stuff because that would be a post for my other traveling account which I haven't used in 5 years so I won't start travel blogging again with the limited time I have currently, but more on that in a future post.

The downside of visiting beautiful countries is returning home and realizing that all those people who emigrated to more civilized countries might have had a point. Hope you had a few giggles at all the eastern stereotypes I memed about.

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