Crypto pride


I haven't made a long ass meme for a while now so I hope the grueling effort of scrolling to the bottom is worth it. Speaking of effort, since every major company is doing their best to fill their logos with rainbows and talk about how important diversity is and such, because pride month, I figured I should get in the spirit of things. Also reddit is filled with multicolored memes so it would have been a missed opportunity not to celebrate this wonderful time of year.


Although a bit old at this point, everybody and their grandma is using this template to spice things up in the dankmemes thread but I didn't take the easy road and use it with my own text, instead I created my own meme template but in keeping with this month's theme. I'm sure the one person reading this appreciates my hard work and dedication. Also I would pay a lot of money to be at the board meeting where they discussed this branding, there must have been a lot of eyebrows raised :)


Of course it's not all just sunshine and rainbows, because some countries prefer a more black and white perspective if you get my drift. Not sure why though, I guess it must be the desert heat or something.

It's a shame not a single Hive front end is celebrating pride month somehow ( at least from what I've seen ), I'm sure we could virtue signal... I mean raise awareness like the best of them. Oh well, maybe next year :)

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