Comment clownery

I have developed a kind of routine recently of firing some silly comments while sitting on the toilet in the morning and doing the thing. The excitement of goofing around also helps me wake up because some mornings it's almost torture getting my last brain cell working. There is a sort of metaphor in writing all sorts of poo jokes and other buffoonery while sitting in a smelly atmosphere trying to remember what strange combination of food has lead to this predicament and hoping I'll survive without a gas mask this time as well.

Anyway, I often find myself lol-ing for real when writing my patented retarded replies so I figured I should make a post with what I think were the funniest. My aim when clowning around in the comments is always to bring a smile to those reading them, including myself of course. Because of that, people think that I don't read their posts when in fact I sometimes do reading the entire dang thing in an effort to find something to joke about. I'm sure most post authors would find it in poor taste to see off topic antics in their comment sections, so being a lazy clown it's not as glamorous as it might sound to your average civilian, it does require a degree of effort.

Speaking of effort, making stuff look shitty and also hiding and a lot of jokes and references in them does put the old brain cell to work. My above comment was on a post about curating plebs like myself and I did get an upvote for my clownish humor or it may have been a pity vote, who knows ?

There's nothing like welcoming back long lost children of the blockchain with the encouragement they need to get back on their feet again and start racking in that magic internet money like it's nobody's business. Joking aside, Hive has made a lot of progress since those bad days where things looked like they were going downhill for good, otherwise my comment wouldn't have been much of a joke and instead could have been considered just a statement of the blockchain's reality.

I'm very saddened by the fact some believe Hive has a credibility issue, given such outstandingly credible members like myself who are beacons of trustworthiness and reliability. In my humble opinion Hive suffers the most from lack of recognition, for example it boggles the mind the kind of shit some people are hyped for in the crypto sphere. Take for example the classical Ponzi scheme that has a different name every bull run: in 2017 it was bitconeeeeeeeeeect ( you can never say it normally, you have to shout it - it's tradition at this point) and in 2022 it was celsius ( among others less obvious examples ). It gives me a headache that obvious scams get more tractions sometimes than a true tool of unplebing yourself like Hive is.

That's about it for this first iteration of comments clownery, I hope it will bring lols to more people than just those that witness my shenanigans in the wild. I'm already thinking of another episode in this series so be sure to support the crazy buffoon if you want to see more :P

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