Big brain investing


They say you can't loose money in a bull market, I'm sure I could disprove that saying all the while trying my best not to screw it up. That's why I try to think of strategies that are idiot proof or better yet buffoon proof. One of them is holding to all the coins I have until the peak of the bull run is close and selling as near the top as possible. Of course that's not super easy but there are way smarter people that I can ask about these things so that's less stress on my few remaining brain cells than if I had to make all of the decisions myself. And if I screw it up, it's nice to put the blame on someone else, that's how real men do it anyway :P

I think I would be more into quick swings if exchanges were not so freaking hostile with all that KYC crap, which I hate with every fiber of my body. But if anyone knows some easy to sign up exchanges with some interesting shitcoins listings, let me know. I might try me hand at some quick profits, just to prove how incompetent I am :)

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