Claire's Makeup (and Hair) journey: Part 2 - Racy Rock n Roll Red and Blonde

Do Not Try This At Home

I was taking a big fat chance by deciding to do something crazy cool with my hair for my latest gig with @JasperDick at the Cottage Club. This is something I managed to get right with my hair when I was in my 20's, using kitchen scissors, box hair dye, a hose pipe, my best friend and a bottle of vodka ( a story for another time🤣). I had no idea if I would be able to repeat the process without those magical ingredients, but it's amazing what you can accomplish with a teenage daughter, some bravery, and a bottle (or two) of rose!

I did consider going to a salon to have them do what I didn't really have the confidence to do, but it's amaizing what inspiration you can muster up when you compare ZAR2000 for a two tone colour, cut, style and blow-dry with the 2 x R60 boxes of home hair dye and about R100 worth of rose wine (very important). So, When weighing it up, I figured that ZAR220 was WAY more in my price bracket, and if I messed it up, I could just buy another box of hair dye to fix it.

So, armed with my two colours and my assistant-daughter, @AimeLudick, we embarked on a two-day hair-dying process: Which, if I may say so myself, turned out pretty damn successfully!

On day one, I had to make sure I brushed out and styled my unwashed hair. You can see the regrowth in these photos since my last hairdying/ makeup experiment: Claire's Makeup (And Hair) journey: Pretty in Pink - Part 1. The blonde I used here was a far more expensive brand (Around R140 per box) and actually didn't give me as incredible blonde (with lowlights and highlights) as this time, so VIVA cheap Revlon colour, which was literally half the price! I'm fanatical when I dye my hair blonde as my mousey brown natural regrowth hair goes orange. And there's nothing worse than having your regrowth a different colour to the rest of your hair. I mean, what was the point in dying it then, right? I suppose this is why most people leave it to the proffessionals, but I've been dying my hair over a bathtub and even crouching on the grass with a hosepipe (once again, a story for another time) since I was 13. The trick is to just not stop blending. Start at the routes and make sure you get to absolutely all of it. I even hang my head upside down. Then once I'm satisfied that all my routes are completely covered, 30 minutes has already passed. then i can spread the remaining mixture over the rest of my hair and comb obsessively until the time is up. I know the box says 40 minutes max, but I also know I need to ignore that warning lable if I have any hope of not looking like an orange highlighter, so I washed it out after an hour and 20 minutes. The results were stunning.

Phase two was the next day and was the most nervewrecking. I had difficulty choosing a red, as I wanted it to be bright enough to show up on camera, but I also know how quickly my hair looses bright colour. Like literally, nothing stays longer than a week. No matter how permanent. My hair is just too porous. So not to dark..... not to light..... AHA! There's one that says red wine. Fine. There you have it. Sold 🤣

It was a brilliant choice though and the colour result was just absolutely beautiful.

So The trick was to tie my hair in a half pony and then make sure none of that red hair dye got onto the blonde layer on top. My excellent assistant helped me with this! Although we looked like we'd murdered someone or something, I assure you, no one was injured in the making of this post 😜

We left the colour in a little longer than the recommended time, and then @AimeLudick helped me wash it all out with my head over the tub and her using the shower head spray thingy.

I was convinced we'd messed it up, but as I was drying my hair it became apparent very quickly that the precise two-tone colour I was hoping for had been achieved!

The contrast with my green eyes and teal dress for the evening was just fantastic!

Mission accomplished! Teamed up with some heavy liquid eyeliner and some volumizing mascara and of course, my red wine colour lipstick, I was ready to rock!

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