Leveling Up My Time - Some Splinterlands, a bit of Axie Love and Rising Star


I've taken the time to debuffer a bit today about socio-political stuff in one of my Hive articles.
Buttt...I am also enjoying some free time daily and playing RisingStar and Splinterlands, one is more relaxing than the other for me. It only depends on how much time I have.
If I only have a few minutes free, I go for one mission in RS, if I got 1 hour then I'm all in Splinterlands.

So, this article will not be long.
I am happy we have this community in Hive now and as a new Hiver (posting for a short while but playing for a bit longer time), I feel the duty to share some achievements.

alt_pack.pngOne of the packs I have bought.

My 500 missions pack!

Today in Splinterlands:


Ok, it's not much but all these made me very happy and excited to engage in the Hive gaming system!

I use time properly and try to be as effective as I can, considering the fact that I take care of my mother and siblings as well for more than 1 year, dropped college, work to support our family. So, for me, it's really priceless to have some free time and invest it in whatever I do in Hive.

During the winter short break, I will start playing dCity also. That's the plan!

Thanks, Hive, for so much you have to offer to all of us and 1UP let's level-up what we already have!


Thank you for reading!

Just have to include my Axie fan GIF before I go. I'm also playing Axie Infinity from time to time and I did this a few days ago.

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