$WOO Tokenomics Update & Private Sale Announcement

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$WOO Token

As many of you in the #woonft community know, the $WOO token will be released in Quarter 3 of this year. $WOO is the governance token for Wrestling Organization Online and is the backbone currency for our game.

Many of you are very excited to get your hands on this widely sought-after token, and we are excited to give you more information on how and when you can obtain the token.

Tokenomics Update

Below are the following changes to the tokenomics. We have listed the token allocation for each category with percentages of the total token. Remember, $WOO will have a max supply of 3 billion tokens, with 70% of that token being used as player rewards and reserves.

Play-to-earnNFT MiningStakingLP RewardsMarketingReserves/DAO
1,050,000,000 35%150,000,000 5%300,000,000 10%90,000,000 3%150,000,000 5%300,000,000 10%
Private SaleAdvisors/PartnersTeam/DevFoundersAirdrop
90,000,000 3%60,000,000
600,000,000 20%150,000,000 5%60,000,000 2%

Now, let me give you a breakdown of how these tokens will be issued over time.

Play-to-earnNFT MiningStakingLP RewardsMarketingReserves/DAO
Issued over 60 months once game releasesIssued over 12 months10 million issued day 1, rest issued over 60 months10 million issued day 1, rest issued over 60 monthsIssued over 60 months once game releases10 million issued day 1, rest issued over 60 months
Private SaleAdvisors/PartnersTeam/DevFoundersAirdrop
Minimum purchase and subject to vesting with 10% released monthly for 10 monthsUnlocked in 12 monthly increments 1 year after game launch10 million issued day 1, rest issued over 60 monthsUnlocked in 12 monthly increments 1 year after token launchIssued over 12 months

As you can see, most of our tokens will be issued over 5 years. This will allow players ample time to acquire $WOO tokens without flooding the market with inflation.

Private Sale

As you can see above, we have 90,000,000 $WOO tokens that we will sell privately. These private sale tokens will have a minimum purchase and will be subject to vesting, with 10% being released over 10 months. For example, let's say you purchase 100,000,000 $WOO token. You would get 10,000,000 $WOO released to you on the first day the token is available, and every month for 10 months, you would receive another 10,000,000 $WOO.

If you want to participate in the private sale, you must do so before June 19th, 2022, as all token private sales will be halted and open later at a higher price. So, get in early if you want the best possible price we will offer. Private sale inquiries can be made in our Discord by opening a support ticket and stating you're interested in a $WOO private sale.

Hurry to secure your $WOO token today, as over 1 million $WOO token has already been sold in less than a day.


I'm very excited about our $WOO token airdrop as it will allow users who are holding unopened pack tokens to earn $WOO. More information on the exact rate per pack token type will be released shortly, but $WOOALPHA pack tokens will be available for airdrops, and $WOOSATURN and $WOORAVEN will be able to get even more tokens! So, if I were you, I would head over to Hive-Engine or Tribaldex and scoop up as many cheap pack tokens as possible! And don't forget to buy $WOOALPHA from our official website on 6/19 to get $WOORAVEN packs airdropped which will also increase your $WOO airdrops!

NFT Mining

Yes, that's right. Once the $WOO token releases, you will be able to use your NFTs to mine $WOO. More information on the exact details that go into it will be released shortly. Just know that Type, Foil, Edition, and TypeID of your NFTs will determine how often you will mine $WOO. So, for example, a Silver Belt Perry Saturn will have a better chance of mining $WOO than a Silver Belt Mad Mike. Also, Gold Belts will have the absolute best chance to mine $WOO no matter the rarity.

Remember, NFTs can currently be purchased from our official NFT marketplace located here. Now is a great time to build up your legendary and Gold Belt collections.


We will offer $WOO staking the same day the token is released. Staking will provide users with a way to earn an APR on their token over time. More information on the exact APR will be released at a later date.

Liquidity Pool Rewards

We will reward users who decide to add liquidity for $WOO. The exact pools and reward structure will be announced at a later date.

Visit our website and market!

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Get your packs from Hive-Engine and Tribaldex

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