PSYBERX - UnBoxing my first crate!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Actually, it was a super hot Tuesday here. Sizzling summer has come! After several weird transactions, I made 200,000 LVL on my Hive Engine wallet! I had to take out all my LVL from the liquidity pool, but I will put them back...later...

But why actually needed 200k LVL?! Of course, to get a discount at @psyberx marketplace! :))

So, instead of paying 39.84 HIVE for 1 crate, I paid only 27.891 HIVE!. I saved around 12 HIVE!


That is the most exciting and nervous moment! I tried to remember Harry Potter's magic spell but probably I remembered the wrong one...


I even recorded it! Probably, because it was the first time I was buying and opening the crate it took time to do.


So, I have 2 common and 3 uncommon NFTs! The first one in the second line reminded me of Tetris though haha But I love that design and I can't wait to them in action!


Well, you know... opening crates is like opening Christmas gifts, so if you start opening them, it is hard to stop. So, I went for another crate :))


And if be honest, I love that crate more despite I got one more Neuron Inhibitor :) Maybe I liked that crate more because of the NFT colors and design. But... if that crate looks better, maybe the next one will be even... perfect!? lol

Someone should stop me ...Noone? Then...well, I never liked even numbers, so how can I open even a number of crates?!

Btw, while I was opening the first 2 crates Hive price has dropped, and for the 3rd crate I paid 28.670HIVE!😑



Such an irony... I paid more and got less lol. It is like a jackpot! 5 common cards in 1 crate lol So, no more :)

By the way, I am using a VPN to buy and open crates because otherwise, the marketplace doesn't wanna work here... Keep it in mind, if you get an error when you try to buy the crate!

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