What?! Blockchain is evolving + NFT airdrops


Blockchain is evolving, as consumers get more accustom to the near limitless potential of blockchain based assets. Those creating blockchain based assets are forced to increase complexity & versatility of their project.

Many may not see how different the blockchain industry is compared to even a year ago.

Today ill go over a few projects I have covered in the past such as Hashkings, Beast Gardens, Zombie Coin Miner, Weedcash NFTs, Rising Star, & Crypto Buds.

Every one of these WAX or HIVE NFT projects has had recent update literally changing it entirely. While some updates are small Beast Gardens & Hash Kings will never be the same again.

Hash Kings

Hash Kings recently has been quite impressive in terms of how rapidly they improve the game & tokenomics. For instance first they introduced new game types & features like Raids new craft able NFTs & forge. They then launch multiple new avatar types & improved the game functions such as Harvesting / watering.
As the folks in charge of Hashkings can understand the users perspective & issues commonly encountered, I have faith in their project.
A good example is how they have handled BUDS market saturation. A Play to Earns P2E cryptocurrency & its market demand can make or break the project.
To combat BUDS market saturation they implement Staking rewards for users giving us incentive to HODL. In addition to that they effectively intend to blend the BUDS crypto with a new partnered HIVE play P2E game Bang Defense.
Sensing the need for improvements & quickly working to update the game is where Hash Kings sets itself apart from their competitors.
The actions of the individuals behind Hashkings show they put the consumer first & I for one truly apricate that.

Because of that when I caught wind of your HIVE proposal official post below.
Hash Kings of course got my full support, if anyone new to HIVE doesn't understand what I'm talking about with votes & proposals..

In essence proposals can be submitted on HIVE for users to vote on, that stipulate the specifics of funding various HIVE projects utilizing what's know as the DHF Decentralized Hive Fund.

The Decentralized Hive Fund (DHF) is an on chain decentralized autonomous system that allows users to submit proposals for funding and vote on which proposals should be funded.

For the specifics see the FAQs section of the Peakd proposal page. Below is the Hashkings proposal, Votes use HP but are a free way to show Hashkings support.


With BUDS staking & the upcoming involvement with the Bang Defense HIVE Play to Earn game its safe to say Hash Kings will never be the same.

On another note...

I noticed that the STAKED BUDS actually show up in your HIVE wallet as a different alt.
Since @hashkings utilized the filler coin image meaning a design hasn't been added as of writing resulting in this 👇 image for BUDSX.
Here's my pitch for the design
This image shown above is the BUDS token design I modified removed the background of & blended with a image of dabs.
Sort of how BUDSX is a byproduct of BUDS & Dabs are a byproduct of marijuana buds, to me the subtle design would be sorta cool.

Though its a little presumptuous to assume someone involved with @hashkings would read this, in the off chance someone that is sees this feel free to use my design on the coin image.

Stash Pass Prizes

My Weedcash NFT colection known as #stashpass, it gives collectors a chance at winning a monthly raffle. The first raffle winner(s) will be sent the NFTs shown below.

The raffle prizes come from my own HIVE colection hence the projects name Chubbs Stash Pass. Since my first prizes are assets from my Hash Kings inventory & a Weedcash Bang Defense promo NFT. It seemed wise to tack this announcement on to the Hashkings section of todays write up.

Details on Stash Pass are found below
Stash Pass Whitepaper
You can find Weedcash NFTs here

Weedcash NFTs

HIVE is a wonderous blockchain it allows an unprecedented opportunity for users to collaborate & create on a scale I never thought possible.
Weedcash serves a few important functions on HIVE, number 1 its censorship resistant. Basically a safe space for cannabis advocates Weedcash serves as a introduction to the HIVE landscape for cannabis supporters.
Through the Weedcash NFT store many creators like myself have been experimenting with different implementations or applications for Weedcash (HIVE) NFTs.

You can call my Weedcash NFT creation a little prolific to say the least, since I'm there so often I basically see any NFT made on Weedcash.
Through a combination of prolific NFT creation & just reading Weedcash posts I came across a rather interesting project @cannabiscritters.

I'm a major fan of blockchain & bud, It also happens I'm a Michigan resident. This is sort of relevant because @cannabiscritters is launching the first vIRL NFT backed with cannabis I have ever seen. Better yet its in my own home state + based off Weedcash, I had nothing to do with this & I couldn't be happier.
For starters I had no idea there where other people using the Weedcash NFT store in Michigan. The other reason I'm so psyched for this is its a vIRL cannabis backed NFT & I may be able to test it out.


Between my own Weedcash NFT colection #stashpass having a raffle system tied to it, @cannabiscritters with a vIRL cannabis NFT coming out soon, & the Brothers in Farms seed raffle NFTs done back in July by @jonyoudyer.

What the Weedcash NFTs are displaying is much more utility then most HIVE NFTs in the past. Though the NFTs are cannabis themed the use case doesn't have to be that's basically the draw of my colection #stashpass.

Weather you like cannabis or dont the #stashpass raffle offers a potential value not necessarily connected to cannabis.

In essence there is no need to have a use case for our NFTs & granted there are not many systems in place that would aid in facilitating complexity. Despite that I focus on what the HIVE NFTs can do, what strengths I can draw from to make the NFTs more then simple pictures.

HIVE NFTs have like any NFT verifiable ownership, using this as a premise you can do a great many things, the trick is to do them manually.

On HIVE we are tech geeks so doing things the old fashion way isn't appealing or may not even occur.

So this is what I'm saying here HIVE NFTs can & should be more then simple images you sell.

If you have a good idea for a use case & want to become a Ganja NFT Guru, get you passion pothead project on the Weedcash NFT store, I did.

The first winner(s) of my monthly #stashpass raffle will be announced on 4/20/2022 details on how the Chubbs Stash Pass Weedcash NFT project functions can be found here.
Stash Pass Whitepaper

Rising Star

Well Rising star section is really about my progression as much as their evolution. For Starters lets open a 3 pack....


Two commons & a rare musician NFT not great but it will help explain none the less. You see the NFTs in rising star which get used in game effectively offer either stat boosts, cooldown reduction, or certain special mission access.
Though I just unlocked all my band member slots in less then 1 week (not easy btw) I cant do a mission in the County Tour section I just unlocked. This is due to the level requisite of 80, that being said I already had all the musician NFTs, vehicle NFT, & Instrument NFTs required to progress to the County Tour phase 3.

Now this is what makes Rising Star one of HIVEs best P2E games its free. Not only can you not spend a dime but turn a modest profit if you stick with it.


Gona drop a knowledge bomb so try & keep up, Rising Star has made me a few hundred dollars in profit. However I just hit level 80 playing for over a year stick with it Rome wasn't built in a day.

That being said its more then worth jumping through the hoops getting your fans & band levels high enough to advance. If being completely free wasn't enough thanks to achievements you can earn free NFTs & packs as well as bonus STARBITS to.
Once you can afford to buy boost NFTs like Pizza Boxes I strongly recommend you buy some they help out considerably
Rising star helps users tokenize their own music if they are musicians IRL. The NFTs received either by achievements or packs are finite in their production numbers.

Effectively you make the most revenue or at least I do by buying packs opening them & HODL the NFTs. I effectively earn about a pack 10,000 STARBITS a week which alone isn't much but putting it into packs can be considerably more. Even Rare cards more or less get me a refund once production of them stops supply's dwindle & price increases.
They have added so much over my year and a half of playing Custom Shop instrument NFTs you build from parts. STARPRO & Music Promoter missions.
Wristbands & world tour NFTs with a burn blend use case, they have gotten NFT Packs on WAX.


The list of ways Rising Star has impressed me over the course of my playing is near endless. I'm certain I missed many of their achievements, but I have a bit more to cover today so ill cap it here for now.

I will say however I will likely include some Rising Star assets in my monthly #stashpass raffles as prizes for future winner(s). Since I tend to HODL the NFTS chances are the prizes will be fairly rare & valuable just something to think about.

Or if you would rather begin rising to Stardom yourself by playing, good news its free & if you dont mind using my referral link below you can start playing right now.

Beast Gardens

Now before Blockchain games a TCG Trading Card Game would feature evolution on occasion but typically used on a match by match basis. Like Pokémon TCG for instance evolving a card in one match doesn't carry over to the next TCG match. Where as the RPG version of Pokémon you characters keep level increases or evolutions obtained throughout.


Beast Gardens effectively uses NFTs & Blockchain to merge a TCG design with RPG level + stat increase elements.
As of a few days ago Best Gardens introduced the concept of NFT evolution into their play to earn game. Something I have known about for months is finally a Beast Gardens game feature.

Evolution is accomplished by blending the correct fruit NFTs with the correct Beast Gardens monster NFT. Failed attempts that dont result in an evolution will result in loosing the 4 Fruit NFTs & the 100 BGALPHA required to attempt an evolution.

You will not However loose the Beast NFT which is very important to remember. Effectively the most expensive part of evolving a Beast NFT in Beast Gardens is the Beast NFT itself.
When you however submit the incorrect combination this happens.
This is actually really important here as once I or someone else fails a evolution we receive hints of how close our pick was to correct.
After 3 attempts I seem to be dialing in the correct fruit once I crack that 4 of 4 I will work on the order Fruit NFTs are placed in.
Those attempts where on Pebble

So Beast Gardens is based on 3 main WAX alts BGFOCUS, BGWATER, & BGALPHA. BGALPHA is used in basically everything their in game NFT store Blending System & now NFT evolution all cost BGALPHA.

How does a person get BGALPHA? You can straight up trade WAX for it here.
Or if you want to earn some BGALPHA in game I have some tricks. You play 3v3 matches in game on either Trainer Battles or Lazy PVP battles to earn BGALPHA.

See above how I have adjusted the difficulty to 110% when you either Leverage more BGFOCUS per match or increase difficulty on Trainer Battles you increase your BGALPHA Reward for winning.

If you understand Cards Stats & elemental type advantages you can minimize the chance of loosing even when you increase the difficulty.
Literally the games mechanics are Childs play understand type advantages & NFT rarity increasing damage / health. Then you can start to see the matches you have a fairly good chance of winning, those are the matches to increase difficulty & thus increase your payout.
You increase profits much more if you also pay for Battle pass % increases as well.
Unlocking further BGALPHA earnings when you win enough matches to increase your accounts Battle Pass level. High Enough Battle Pass Level Rewards will include NFTs some worth $50-$100 each.
Another new feature are daily challenges
Place First using specified NFTs on the leader board to win WAX or NFT prizes. That isn't a earning mechanic I focus on however as there is only a single winner daily.
I Focus on BGALPHA & their auction Market or NFT Crafting systems.

With their new evolution system those Evolved NFTs are going to be in high demand. That's not a guess I have sales as evidence the Rare Beast, Plant, or Spring NFTs can be very valuable, so a evolved NFT completely new & rare you can name the price.

Beast Gardens is interesting because as a game they offer both active & passive earning mechanisms. I just went over how you actively play matches for BGALPHA & rewards.

However many people simple dont have the time to play games all the time, I get it. So for a passive earning experience when users own Spring NFTs, Beast NFTs, & Plant NFTs you generate either crypto or NFTs with them in Beast Gardens.
My Beast NFTs generate 12.38 BGFOCUS every hour simply by owning them.
My Spring NFTs Generate BGWATER per hour: 0.52
Plants get a little complex depending upon what type & rarity of plant NFTs you own you will generate a number of fruit NFTs every 10 days.

My cheapskate ass only owns 2 Sprout Thorn plants, the cheapest type, with these I generate 2 fruit NFTs every 10 days.
While generating fruit NFTs may not sound ideal for hands off approach the fruit NFTs have an important use case Evolution, because of this the demand is consistent.

Beast Gardens NFTs sells quite well I have to admit

While passive earnings mechanics exist in this game...

Fortune favors the persistent with Beast Gardens 🤑

Crypto Buds (WAX)

Not a game but a small independent NFT colection Crypto Buds, I rather like small cannabis based NFT collections like this Skunky Chunks, Weed born country, or Crypto Buds.


Its because I to am an independent cannabis NFT producer, I recognize their struggle.
Crypto Buds started very simple just producing NFTs without use however they eventually went on to become rather adept at the White listing & blend systems on WAX. As Easter is coming up the recently dropped eggs on the Crypto Buds colection.
The egg NFTs cost 1 WAX & using their blend system on a single egg NFT has a 10% of a positive result.
With a positive result you can progress to the next stage of the blend system.
This one a 50/50 odds of reverting it back to an egg NFT or progression yet again.
With the Final singular blend we can receive nothing but prizes some more valuable then other but all prizes worth getting.
So in other words using 1 of these 👆in the blend system results in 1 of the following prizes.
If your lucky you get this prize backed with 42 WAX.
Its approaches like this with NFTs I cant help but admire given simple tools what they manage to come up with should be celebrated.

Zombie Coin Miner (WAX)

This WAX play to earn began last fall as a simple NFT colection since then its grown to be a Play to Earn Game that now truly looks like a full game. Since Zombie Coin Miner progressively shifted focus from NFTs to FT based assets as phase 2 started it has began to phase out certain NFT based systems.

As a result of the NFT colection slowly progressing to game functions in Zombie Coin Miner. They have removed certain job tickets from the Nefty Blocks Store.
Now when you want to send your NFTs on an exploration mission instead of buying an NFT ticket you pay to run an exploration mission in game.

I must admit I'm not a fan of the fact they could have made the simple Exploration mission or wood chop mission purchasable with ZBF but chose just to tack ZBF on as an added expense to the WAX price.
I will say this colection has made me a few hundred dollars in profit but new investors should be warry Zombie Coin Miner has been decreasing in market demand.
The Zombie Coin Miner in game store just got new packs to commemorate Easter they look like eggs.
Ill toss a egg pack for Zombie Coin Miner in the airdrop today sell / open those here if your a lucky reader that receives one.
or check the game out here

WAX Airdrop new instructions

Due to individuals wishing to manipulate my give away system by claiming multiple airdrops unfortunately I have had to make some changes. Ill still do a single airdrop link on my HIVE (1st) post only. After the Airdrop link has been claimed the first 5 people to leave their twitter address in the comments on HIVE get a WAX NFT gift sent via the https://bountyblok.io/ WAX NFT gifting system. Those who use the twitter method get a single WAX NFT.

I apologize for the changes some people decided to keep gaming the system & Bounty Block allows me to blacklist, I hate being the bad guy I tried to keep things fair, but here we are.

So if the link has been claimed the first 5 to comment their Twitter account on the HIVE post get a WAX NFT sent via the WAX NFT Gift system of https://bountyblok.io/

You can also just leave your WAX wallet address...

Usually I airdrop in game item NFTs for various WAX play to earn games, something with a use case at the very least.



Todays NFTs can be used via the following links.

ZBC Miner Egg pack open here
Splinterlands NFT used here
NFT Panda Hero NFT used here
Beast Garden NFT used here
Crypto Buds Blend egg used Here

If your the lucky reader please notify others via the comments it helps.

You missed out on the URL airdrop first 5 other users to drop their twitter account or WAX wallet address in the comments get a WAX NFT sent to them.

Stash Pass NFT Airdrop instructions

For HIVE users only.

This is how to get your hands on an exclusive #stashpass NFT which is a part of my year long monthly airdrop NFT program #stashpass to qualify to receive one simply...

Re-blog this HIVE post & comment #stashpass

Be sure & do both just a re-blog or comment alone does not count

First 5 users to do so receive an exclusive #stashpass Weedcash NFT.

Each month I will do an airdrop of cannabis NFTs / crypto from HIVE games & Dapps to HIVE accounts that own the 3 right #stashpass NFTs randomly chosen each month.

Buy or sell Weedcash NFTs like #stashpass here

Weedcash NFTs are sold for WEED a HIVE alt available for trade here

The Chubbs Stash Pass Project has its first NFT raffle winner(s) announced on 4/20/2022. Full instructions on How Stash Pass monthly raffles work found here.
Stash Pass Whitepaper


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