NFT ownership has its privilege's + NFT airdrop


One of the clearest positive traits of all NFTs is the verifiable ownership. Indicative of all things blockchain arguably verifiable proof of ownership, is the core foundation on which al NFT systems are built.

Today ill go over a few projects rewarding users for NFT ownership. Be that whitelisting status or Passes entitling the owner to increased or future rewards, NFT ownership certainly has its perks.

Skunky chunks

A new NFT pass is on sale right now with the WAX NFT colection skunky chunks.
The idea of the pass is owners are automatically white listed for NFTs launched periodically for pass holders only. These NFTs are usually incorporated into Blend use cases making them retain value.

With cannabis NFT colection like Skunky Chunks you fall into the trap of them being for novelty value.

Its a good sign this colection has a website & is utilizing blend use cases this early.
As well as Whitelisting status & pack generation while Nefty Makes this much easier its far from simplistic.
Its for these reasons I was comfortable with buying a pass for $9.99, Take into consideration the 2 NFTs I already got for free I have sold for $2. This means at most it will cost me $7.99 & this is likely to provide me at least the purchase cost worth of revenue.

Return on investment with cannabis NFTs especially is tough to accomplish. So when I find a NFT colection doing things right I show my support.
I can tell by their site our separate NFT collections share direction & inspiration.

Hash Kings

Keeping the Ganja NFT train going with another shout out & overview of Hashkings.
Not so much an overview as an in depth look at their unique NFT White listing or NFT based reward systems
For starters there is a form of whitelisting in the avatar NFTs, owning a Avatar NFT grants whitelisting to most game features like Farming, Raids, & NFT Crafting.
NFT Crafting
These Features are accessed with avatar NFTs in Hash Kings making their Avatar NFTs a form of NFT whitelisting. However there is much more depth to the avatar system then just simple whitelisting as they posses a level system. Once leveled up through either burning BUDS their crypto in the crafting NFT section which are themselves burned.

Or by burning alternate Avatar NFTs which also requires $2 & this method increases power of the NFT as well.

What all this adds up to is an creatively complex whitelisting system which on HIVE especially is damn impressive. I recognize talent when I see it I have been dealing with NFTs for quite a while now.

In my opinion if your not playing Hashkings or HODL their crypto your making a mistake.
Now lets talk HKWATER Generation, these Water Tower NFTs in Hashkings grant users a daily distribution of HKWATER. You upgrade Water Tower NFTs by owning a higher level Avatar NFT.

Depending upon what level Water Tower NFT(s) you own the Level of HKWATER generated will differ.
Since I'm focusing on NFT ownership perks today ill cap Hashkings here.

Try Hashkings here

The New BANG! defense game (BUDS token tie in)

Stash Pass

A NFT colection produced by me the first of its kind on Weedcash (HIVE) has a Raffle system of sorts based upon #stashpass NFT ownership.

Once a month lucky winners that own a Chubbs Stash Pass NFT shown below.
To win you must own the pass + 3 other randomly chosen #stashpass NFTs from my colection.

What's the prize a randomly chosen airdrop of crypto or NFTs from my HIVE stash. My own produced NFTs will not serve as prizes we are talking crypto & game based NFTs of HIVE.
To me Cannabis has always been art its nice I cant tokenize it as such. With the added benefit of the giveaway raffle system giving these #stashpass NFTs a utility value.

Subjectivity meats Utility a NFT design of form & function #stashpass, I even do #stashpass airdrops on every HIVE post instructions at the end of each post.

The First lucky winner(s) of my stash pass give away on 4/20/2022 will receive the following.
Starting off strong the winner(s) of the first #stashpass drawing a prize which is valued at $15.

Based on the core principle of NFTs verifiable ownership I hope to see more raffle systems like mine on HIVE.

Stash Pass White paper

My #stashpass NFTs are Weedcash NFTs found here.
You buy Weedcash NFTs With the Weedcash Tribes Token WEED.

You can trade SWAP.HIVE for WEED via Hive Engine or other HIVE exchanges. However stoners like myself can simply blog about cannabis on the Weedcash blog & earn WEED.
Weedcash & #stashpass are not officially affiliated nor are any collections from whom the prize NFTs or Crypto originate.

That Being said I am a team player anyone on HIVE wants to collaborate ill leave my social media below.



WAX News Everyone


So according to Blocktivity WAXP, XLM, & HIVE are the top 3 blockchains for user activity over a 7 day period.
Not bad I knew this would eventually happen for just over a year now.
This is the date I bought into WAX for the first time notice it was a flatline before I started using WAX so why did I throw $200 at WAX a long shot according to price history?

Simple I read their whitepaper & observed their NFT collections / Dapps. From this I decided WAX has one thing every other blockchain lacks, simplicity.

While yes Devs have our hands full with the blockchain features such as Crypto bridges, NFT portals, & smart contract integrations like NFT packs. Really the list of features that are difficult to utilize when building on WAX nearly endless.

However though its not simple to be a developer on WAX its simple to utilize WAX as a consumer. WAX NFT airdrops are unparalleled in their simplicity & function still.

This is the strength of WAX why I knew It would go far, 10x my initial investment far.

Yes the WAX CPU network resources are over taxed at the moment, but its due to WAX blockchains popularity.

The WAX resources thing is beyond annoying to many so Devs are working to fix that. For now try renting 24 hours worth of WAX CPU from Cait its 10x more effective then staking WAX for CPU.

Now for HIVE developers wanting to either integrate with or utilize WAX to promote your HIVE projects try these 2 websites.
I cant recommend Nefty Blocks enough 1st off NFT collections stake resources so users dont waste their own CPU. That sounds bad from a devs perspective but its a good thing for attracting new users.

Second thing Nefty has going for them their NFT creation & RNG / Smart Contract NFT Pack creation is almost simplistic compared to doing it all yourself on
Finally Nefty Blocks NFT producers can stake enough NEFTY to their NFT colection to get exclusive perks like support staff, free advertising, Super cross colection NFT blends, & much much more.
Though unlikely if your a NFT creator or project developer on HIVE check those sites out they simplify WAX significantly.

Just a fan of NFTs then be sure to check out Nefty Blocks for NFT trading & blending without WAX CPU usage.
Or need CPU cant afford to stake for it CAIT has your back 24 hour WAX CPU rental 10x the efficiency.
Hell really in a jam I can Gift 24 hour WAX CPU rental just let me know in the comments.

We now bring you back to the feature story, this has been a WAX news break.

Galactic 123

Galactic 123 dumb name you need to remember as this WAX / TRX game is free, impressively complex, & uses very little WAX CPU.
Galactic 123 has WAX based NFTs & many grant different forms of whitelisting status. Many NFTs from Galactic 123 grant whitelisting perks unlike you ever seen before!
The Dark Star Permit & Bronze Permit while not required to play substantially increase crypto rewards. Put a pin in that ill circle back in a moment.

The Planet NFTs are unbelievable truly as these grant you a planet in the game which can be traveled to by other players.

On your planet you have the ability to grant or deny mining whitelisting, you can facilitate crypto exchanges via your own bank (exchange). You can add both ship NFT markets & the planet itself can be customized if your savvy enough to code it personally.

Those lacing tech skills can leave their planet at random asset generation.

Galactic 123 is totally free to play space exploration RPG your account can have web miners crew & ship NFTs weapon NFTs planet NFTs.

Best part you can advertise crypto projects just by playing no $$$ required.
See for the sum of $0 I have ran an add for Weedcash NFT market on Galactic 123.
Clicking my add costs me 1 Add point which I produce for free the user earns free crypto for clicking Easy free advertising.
You see I just played for free a few hours & bought Web Miners which now generate ADD points & other crypto daily.
The crypto I throw into other NFTs or more mining levels making something once active income passive income for free.
Owning these pass NFTs increase rewards from warping from planet to planet in game & my Miner rewards are also increased.
Planet owners can advertise earn commission revenue spread fees it really depends on what kind of planet you ultimately want.
This current planet has markets on a space station & a bank (player owned). In addition you can mine or choose to land on the planet surface.
This particular planet is simply a market but see those adds those are adds the Planet NFT owner added. In addition to supplying the on planet vendors.
They even allow players to get mercenary characters here all this is built to profit off players lets look at another planet.
See this planet has enemy AI which can be fought for crypto rewards.
Fight with your party you can get NFT drops Crypto rewards Add points XP & resources used to make NFTs.
Planet owners can even add custom enemy AI to fight with bigger rewards though this is rare.

Yeah Galactic 123 while not required their Whitelisting NFTs literally allow you to change the game what's not to like.

Galactic 123 referral

Say you want to run your own ad like a referral link for instance or any other website or online service on galactic 123.
Create an account to play (free) Link above, once the game starts up after you log in you will see this screen.
Once you have ad points underlined in red, you click traffic exchange underlined in orange.
On the traffic exchange page on the bottom you will find a link that says share your site on this list.

You use one add point per click effectively the add points determine how long your add runs.

Not bad for free however the planetary & main menu adds require NFT whitelisting. For clicking the adds like my Weedcash one the users earn crypto.

Feel free to check out Galactic 123 for free via my referral link below.
Galactic123 Referral link

Bang Defense

A New HIVE Play to earn game Bang Defense started NFT presale on 4/2/2022. With a design reminiscent of a 2d tower defense game I can honestly say its like no play to earn game I have invested in before.


I bought the cheapest green weapon skin NFT while anyone can play for free you need to own one of the weapon skin NFTs to be rewarded for playing.

Though the game is still in demo I couldn't be happier to have a Bang Defense NFT since Hashkings will be helping with tokenomics I have a good feeling about this project.

You can find the presale & demo here.
They are even on the Hashkings game4 menu, these two projects are ones to watch for sure.

Nefty Quest?

Nefty Blocks a WAX NFT market is actually one of my favorite WAX projects including games.
Nefty quest the newest reason to prefer Nefty Blocks is a weakly colection completion quest with crypto rewards.
This promotes a diverse portfolio in NFT collectors given I own a few thousand NFTs, I already own parts of this weeks quest.

Not only is this Nefty Quest feature rewarding & informing consumers, but also promoting projects built on WAX.
I'm all about helping one another & Nefty Blocks has your back in more ways then one.

Not only do they now reward NFT ownership, Nefty Blocks also gives buyers / sellers additional crypto rewards & do not use WAX resources of the NFT purchaser.
Creating, buying, selling hell even just owning WAX NFTs be sure & use Nefty Blocks, if they get an airdrop URL function I wouldn't touch Atomic Hub Nefty Blocks is that good.
Crypto / NFT ownership has its benefits especially on Nefty Blocks & WAX.

Rising Star

We are talking benefits of NFT ownership today, so what could the free to play no NFTs or Crypto required P2E HIVE game Rising Star Have to do with that?

While yes you can play without NFTs rising star players wishing to get the most from their experience should consider increasing their NFT colection.
Recently in Rising Star I hit level 75 which unlocked the mission band auditions. To get to zone 3 with missions which pay more STARBITS I require certain NFTs to be in my colection. Such as a Vehicle NFT one of which is shown above.

The actual requisite to advance is as follows

County Tour: Unlock four band members using the 'Band Auditions' mission, create your band and own a vehicle for touring.

So now all I must do is unlock 4 Band members
With a 1 in 5 chance & a 4 hour wait between missions it will take a while but its more then worth it I'm sure.
I can say this for the simple reason that the first zones highest pay out mission is Saturday Headline paying 350 STARBITS per mission complete.

Progress through zone 1 missions & own the following...

Local Gig Circuit: Complete 'Saturday Headline' and own a 'i6 Mid Range Acoustic' guitar card.

You get to the Local Tour Zone in the game its top paying mission is Local Mini Tour Support which pays 750 STARBITS Per mission complete.

At that rate I produce around a 3 Pack of Rising Star NFTs a weak 10,000 STARBITS.

Ownership of Rising Star NFTs increases base fan numbers Skill stats, Luck Stats, & more. Truly while you can play without the NFTs you really shouldn't. I didn't pay for my progression out of pocket this has been entirely paid for by the game & I'm currently profiting well over $100.

It takes time but since its free its worth sticking with Rising Star Jumping through the NFT ownership hoops & working your way through the games progression.
They even give out free packs & NFTs or STARBITS Prizes for achievements which helps build that NFT colection for free.

I'm 193 Mission away from my next free pack, While tedious at first Rising Star has significantly evolved since I first started & now I'm genuinely looking forward to playing the County Tour.

Like many things in life Rising to Stardom isn't done over night it takes time in that way Rising Star is shockingly similar to real life.

Want to begin your rise to stardom in this HIVE play to earn game Rising Star. Then please consider using my referral below to get started for free.

Beast Gardens Daily Challenge

The WAX Blockchain Game Beast Gardens has recently been updating the player interface extensively. Originally what was fairly simple 3v3 TCG has since expanded now featuring 5 NFT categories 3 forms of crypto 7 earning mechanisms & so much more.
The most recent update adds a new daily challenge with additional awards either WAX or NFT rewards for the top player.
Use a specified team in trainer battle & do the most damage overall out of every player competing.
I of course own the NFTs for the challenge though getting them to win may be tough as its a week card.
You may set difficulty higher a higher risk but greater rewards per match.
While I won the match I didn't necessarily win the challenge as my match score is measured in comparison to other players.
22nd place close but no challenge rewards 😥
That's Ok I have plants growing fruit now which while I haven't used fruit yet I know its used to upgrade stats or evolve beasts.
Including the new plant NFTs producing fruit(Shards) NFTs, the Springs Producing the crypto BGWATER, & the Beast NFTs producing the crypto BGFOCUS passively via ownership.
You can Craft Plant Packs right bow in game.
You Need Shards to craft NFTs in Beast Gardens Shards are obtained only by burning Beast Garden NFTs in game. This is yet another mechanism meant to establish stable price minimums & high demand for their NFTs.

Beast Gardens is a perfect example of ownership benefits of NFTs in a play to earn game.


NFT ownership benefits are a complex thing to quantify because NFTs are ambiguous in nature. From the simple ownership of a piece of art to ownership of the rights to that art & everything in between.

Property NFTs, Car NFTs, A guest star role in a movie NFT are all examples of NFTs being implemented to represent digitally a assets ownership.

Though Most of my examples are tied to games its simply the facet of NFTs I find most useful & thus benefit the most from.

My apologies if your offended by cannabis its the subject matter of my own NFT line & in order to discuss it I have to bring up cannabis.

WAX NFT Airdrop new instructions

Due to individuals wishing to manipulate my give away system by claiming multiple airdrops unfortunately I have had to make some changes. Ill still do a single airdrop link on my HIVE (1st) post only. After the Airdrop link has been claimed the first 5 people to leave their twitter address in the comments on HIVE get a WAX NFT gift sent via the WAX NFT gifting system. Those who use the twitter method get a single WAX NFT.

I apologize for the changes some people decided to keep gaming the system & Bounty Block allows me to blacklist, I hate being the bad guy I tried to keep things fair, but here we are.

So if the link has been claimed the first 5 to comment their Twitter account on the HIVE post get a WAX NFT sent via the WAX NFT Gift system of

WAX NFT airdrop


If your the lucky winner please let other readers know via comments.

Todays NFTs work with the following games

Let others know please if you claim the airdrop it helps, & ill give out 5 more WAX NFTs just comment your WAX address or twitter account on my HIVE post to have one sent to you.

Stash Pass NFT Giveaway

For HIVE users only.

This is how to get your hands on an exclusive #stashpass NFT which is a part of my year long monthly airdrop NFT program #stashpass to qualify to receive one simply...

Re-blog this HIVE post & comment #stashpass

Be sure & do both just a re-blog or comment alone does not count

First 5 users to do so receive an exclusive #stashpass Weedcash NFT.

Each month I will do an airdrop of cannabis NFTs / crypto from HIVE games & Dapps to HIVE accounts that own the 3 right #stashpass NFTs randomly chosen each month.

Buy or sell Weedcash NFTs like #stashpass here

Weedcash NFTs are sold for WEED a HIVE alt available for trade here.

Not on HIVE yet sign up for free here via my ecency referral link (ecency is a part of HIVE).

All these NFT giveaways now take place on HIVE so its a good idea to sign up for free should you chose to benefit the most from my posts Giveaways.

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