Nefty Blocks, Gnocity, Splinterlands, ZBC, & a recap of what 2021 did for my NFT portfolio NFT airdrop 1st of 3


I believe 2022 is going to be the year of play to earn so I'm going to in this post look back at 2021 the year of NFTs & pick my top 10 games of the year. As well as visit a few projects with recent updates in the play to earn section of the HIVE & WAX NFT market.

Even a Surprise Gladius case Legendary NFT makes a shocking first appearance ever in my write ups.

Nefty Blocks & ZBC

Above is my weekly cash back from Nefty Blocks 96.70278534 in NEFTY. NEFTY is a WAX alt generated by buying or selling NFTs on Nefty Blocks a WAX NFT market.

Buying more NFTs with the mined NEFTY takes a considerable cost off expenses for airdrops or just usage / resale.

You see as of late I have been utilizing the NEFTY for Zombie Coin Miner & Trading the ZBC NFTs for ZBC FT.

Everyone wants to be rich I know that's not easy every penny matters. The Zombie Coin Miner NFT colection has a monthly contest to make the leader board & win many people spend so much money.

Much more then their actual prize but it being a contest people compete with one another truly I'm the winner selling them the ZBC & other assets for a profit.
Their burn blend use case is on point making it even easier to profit long term, almost every ticket you will not get large prizes their not what I'm after.


Utilizing the NEFTY Mining helps as well, like a $7 Rebate on assets costing $0.35 or less a piece.
See how these all seem like a loss a waste of funds right, not really if you do it right you can turn materials into profit like construction.
The end Item being worth more then the sum total of its parts, there may only be one time a month to sell, but that's fine hammer them when they do buy.

When done correctly both the sale & the purchase mines NEFTY, including Splinterlands one of my largest sellers.

You want to play chess while the market plays checkers, selling NFTs like Chess is a practice of anticipation knowing what your opponent in this case the market does before they (it) does it.

I preach patience & practice it as well this is what has helped me the most with crypto, play to earns / NFTs.
Pick your moment, anticipate reaction, then strike when appropriate.

Check out Nefty blocks here

My previous write up about Zombie coin miner

Zombie coin miner

Beast Garden

Take a mild detour to check in on my beast garden stats, I'm rather frugal which makes my posts a great source of info I'm not dropping hundreds of dollars recklessly.
Though from time to time I miss opportunity due to this hang up Beast Garden Battle pass was an expense I had not wanted to pay but it turns out it makes the game more profitable.
What I'm saying is spend the little over 150 BGALPHA on the pass if you play its worth it.
๐Ÿ‘† Check out the play to earn WAX game link above.


Yeah this game is a bit of a let down to many as of late so many updates its left parts of the game taking longer then others.

Please understand the group that made Gnocity is small, an independent start up recently adding some new employees. As I always say the process of making a blockchain game is quite difficult so give them a bit of a break.
One update just happened however on the 30th finally hitting phase 2 of the colection. The first ever NFT in the Gnome colection was the Mary J Gnome.
Now in gen 2 They star with the Dope Gnome I'm fairly certain evolution will be possible soon. Mary J Gnome + Mary J Gnome egg = Dope Gnome.
Awsome for anyone staking Mary J Gnome those eggs just shot up in value.

My evolution failed but you can also now attempt to evolve your Mary J gnomes which is what the eggs are for. Many had questions before now I finally have an answer it just takes time be patient.
Here is a pro tip on the first they rotate the in game markets NFTs every month. GNOKEN is low right now because everyone sells it instead of burning it at the store. Buy GNOKEN now because it shoots up on the first.
The airdrops today get a Dope Gnome first NFT of gen 2 congrats.


Another quick update just finished out brawls again getting my like 10th Gladius Case.
One of the best parts of Splinterlands it rewards persistence. I have done almost every daily challenge since I started playing over 1 year ago missing 2 days to the best of my knowledge.


Thank you RNG gods of Splinterlands I never question your judgement & you reward those whom trust your will is just.
No pay to have the best here, non transferable soul bonded gladiator NFT earned through battle & patience.
I was a fan of brawls before but the epic card made my fandom obsession this may just push that too far.
Combine the NFTs that are a little more common, building a nice Gladiator selection for my guild to be all that more threatening in brawls.

Thanks RNG gods you always have my faith

Finished unfortunately due to the holidays in Gold rank 1, I have been shooting for diamond but the competition doesn't want to make it easy.
1 Gold rare card that's good enough of a win to me
Like I said patience your not going to get rich fast or even at all but Splinterlands changed my life I'm thankful for every free asset.
For real though with the cost of a $10 spell book Splinterlands has never been better to join. I have made over $10,000 buying & reselling Splinterlands NFTs + earnings from playing right now its a buyers market with over 200 days left of the SPS airdrop.
Join if you dont mind using my ๐Ÿ‘† referral above.

Weedcash NFTs Breaking news

I have been hoping since the #weedcash NFTs started someone would do this @jonyoudyer just released not to long ago a new NFT featuring a raffle for cannabis seeds.
@canna-curate Did a write up on it but I missed until the other night due to the holidays throwing me off. The write up is in the link below๐Ÿ‘‡.


The NFT link๐Ÿ‘‡

Now you know I bought mine
My hope was something like this would begin on #weedcash NFTs as the cannabis industry & NFT raffles or even vIRLs simply have not been done before.

Here are the instructions on the NFT

"1 NFT represents 1 raffle ticket. On January 7th 230pm PST I will use a number generator, and whatever number it lands on, the owner of the NFT edition will win a pack of @bifbeans of their choosing over on * Raffle will only proceed until all NFTs are sold out. 5 NFTs per person"

I dont know why this wasn't breaking the internet already but I cant miss NFT news. I find that stuff before the news gets a chance to cover it.
Check out all the #weedcash NFTs here
I happen to Mint #weedcash NFTs as well so stop by check my NFTs & the NFTs of the many talented members of #weedcash.

I'm giving out Cannabis themed NFTs & other NFTs in todays WAX NFT airdrops.
Those not so keen on weed the Dope Gnome is used in a play to earn game Gnocity. The other NFTs in the 3-4 count WAX NFT airdrops will be part of a play to earn games.
Unfortunately they where sold out before I could post but I would keep checking into the #weedcash NFT market if cannabis is something your interested in.

2021s top play to earn games

Since I'm guessing the year 2022 will be the year of play to earn games, I want to take a minute & recognize the games I feel progressed the most over 2021.

By that I mean Developing a blockchain game is difficult work & projects progressing even a little can be quite an undertaking.

Ill in this section acknowledge the Games I play that I feel grew the most over 2021.

First up Splinterlands

Oh what can be stated I haven't said to death about Splinterlands. Rising from its virtually unknown status in the NFT market to the best play to earn game of 2021 according to me & dap radar.
This is by user volume the only real indicator of success, with multiple Dev teams working parallel. Splinterlands will be the first professional gamer blockchain game I have faith in that statement SPS airdrop is just the beginning, I cant wait to see what 2022 brings.

Next we have Upland
Upland did some major work on their property NFT systems, NFT portals, NFT Markets, & signed a massive contract with the NFLPA.
Upland is the first functional practical NFT metaverse & they have made me take notice of a Game I hated this time last year.

Give upland a shot its much more then it was a few months ago.
Please consider ๐Ÿ‘† using my referral above Upland is free based on EOS.

Third I have Alien Worlds

The BSC integration is what Alien worlds truly did great this past year A game with governance bringing power to players & owners.

Planet Binance & missions recently launched & it feels like they are just getting into their stride as we hit 2022.

4th we have Crypto Brew masters

A controversial entry was on their leader board every week for months at the start of 2021, A few questionable choices by the devs have US citizens unable to buy in or cash out at the moment, but all the negative aside.

2 Things truly impressed me first they are the second HIVE game with a functional WAX NFT portal no small achievement. Second they Have NFT farming mechanisms now burn blend use cases on 2 separate blockchains it would be great but I cant cash out.

5th Roller coin

Much more impressive growth but not entirely on blockchain yet we have roller coin. Not even the same game as last year to many changes to list new coins new Mining types their own crypto & currently they are trying to tokenize the whole game.

6th would be Alien Ships

A lesser known title truly showing its players what a NFT is capable of with all their additions with out a doubt Alien Ships which started with 1 NFT has grown the most over 2021.
I knew I found something special from the very first day glad to see I am a good judge of merit.
Now free to play check them out via my referral above.

7th Farming Tales

A vIRL Farm NFT system tied into a blockchain game with separate earning mechanics. As complex as that sounds they got this game running in record time.
Running on the Unity Game engine this project may impact blockchain games for years to come. Another WAX game made on Unity Game engine is But this one is free.

8th Rising Star
The little engine of its gonna on HIVE their close relationship between their fans & musicians. Tokenizing their music through rising star has lead to many unique advancements for Music industry & its ties to gaming.

My goal in 2022 is to hit level 70 I'm level 67 I think its possible

9th Gnocity

Now many have found issue with this colection as it takes a long time to reach each phase of its updates to game play. Leaving many including myself waiting after dropping hundreds of dollars on land plots.

In 2022 I have faith the Group behind Gnocity will hit their stride & bring all of these somewhat separate projects together.

10th & last in my list

Just barley making the cut I have Beast Gardens
It only just barely makes the cut because its rather new being but a few months old but fully functional more so then many competitors.

Keep in mind I use predominantly EOSIO based Blockchains as I find the to be the likely future of Blockchain gaming. HIVE & WAX are just that EOSIO based Blockchains thus my subjective list is geared toward that.

In other words this is my top 10 list of 2021 Blockchain games you may have your own picks witch are no less valid just not mine.

Blockchain projects to check out

This will be a short list of Blogs Browsers any Blockchain project not a game in no particular order.

Nefty Blocks NFT market (WAX)
Atomic Hub NFT market (WAX)
Cait (WAX)
Rfox Labs (KOGS) (BSC) I worked with this studio as a KOGs alpha tester, great people doing large projects on BSC.
Brave Browser (BAT)
HIVE List (HIVE Polygon & BSC) Blog, Store, NFT gallery

One Up 1up NFT HIVE blog
Weedcash a Cannabis focused Blog on HIVE with a IRL merch store & NFT store.
Torum BSC based blog

I'm sure I missed a great many but check out the blogs they are all free to use & earn on. Brave I cant recommend enough its the best internet browser I have researched every typical browsers build its just better.

Airdrop instructions

WAX NFT airdrops via URL I give out 12 NFTs with every post first on HIVE then PublishOx Finally Torum you will find the 3 airdrops easiest through HIVE I leave PublishOx & Torum links in the comments of the HIVE post.

Easy as 1 2 3


I keep everything random giving you the best odds all 3 are airdropped on the same day in the order specified at random.

You may join all three through these links

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Shout out any questions you may have in the comments ill be happy to help, journey to pro from protรฉgรฉ is full of stupid questions I know I asked many.

Hey look at this Give away of Splinterlands assets by @thegoliath tied into that crypto I mentioned a while ago OPG check it out link ๐Ÿ‘‡ with the details below.


Actually a big fan of OPG inventive usage walking the line between HIVE blogs & play to earn You should really check them out if you have time.

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