Is Xavi Finally Proving Points at Barcelona?

it's been a long weekend without the EPL!

I am not really a fan of the Spanish League but I do find/create time to follow up with Barcelona and Real Madrid. Real Madrid is actually my favourite team in from Spain.

I could remember that I used to hear a lot about how Xavi isn't matured enough for Barcelona's job yet and then, I personally didn't see much of a big deal in him coaching the team and why?

Firstly, he was a great or rather one of the greatest players to have played in and for Barcelona; he understands the club's tactics and DNA so well. That fact alone makes me feel that I should succeed at coaching the team.

Secondly, the team he worked with before Barcelona, he had a very beautiful record there which shows that he's a fine coach material but I also think it's normal for people to think he wouldn't succeed at the job.

For me, I believed and believe, if Zidane could be that successful at Real Madrid then Xavi could do more at Barcelona too with time.

I don't know if it's right to say that he's lucky this season considering the players the club's management was able to help him secure for the season but then, I must say that the management had really done a great job by helping him to secure some certain players this season.

At this point, I feel with what Xavi has at his disposal, he ought to be able to secure at least a trophy with the team this season. He doesn't just have quality players in the starting squad but he also has a very fine depth to it on his bench.

Perhaps the team could have sold Depay instead of Aubameyang.

The statement above is the most frequent statement I'd been hearing from Barcelona fans around for some few weeks now. They feel it would have been better to keep Auba instead of Depay and to some extent, I really do agree to that.

Depay isn't and can't be a better support nor competition to Lewandoski.

Talking about Lewandoski, he had a goal to his name yesterday alongside two beautiful assists. At first, I didn't expect him to pick up such a beautiful form with Barcelona this season but like I said earlier, the new signings the club made this season has really changed Barcelona's game to something even more beautiful.

With no doubt, I feel Lewandoski would have the Spanish golden boot to himself this season with ease. I really do not see that much coming from Benzema this season and I think that's that biggest competition Lewandoski has in the league at the moment.

Barcelona is fairly behind Real Madrid with two points but the two teams had scored some number of goals this season in just five games. Although Real Madrid had conceded more while Barcelona had just conceded just one.

I think I could say Barcelona's defence is quite massive so far this season but then, there's still plenty of time and I hope they would keep proving me right.

I feel just like many other seasons, it's clear again that the league title is either going with Real Madrid or Barcelona again this season but before I stand by my assumptions firmly, I would love to watch the first El Clasico for this season first!

All images are snapshots from highlight videos on YouTube and a football mobile application on my phone.


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